Has anyone tried chemical hair removal on their public zones Health

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    I love the smooth feeling, but shaving with a blade weekly is a bit of a hassle. I tried an electric shaver and the vibrations were kind of fun but it did not do a very complete job too many strays. I know that I am too much of a coward and I am not going to try wax.

    I was thinking that if I put on a condone first I would not get the chemical inside my willy.

    Any thoughts
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    i use nair hair removal cream with no problems leave on 4 minutes wash of wont need doing for maybe 2 months  if hair long or thick then trim first a female friend told me about it she all ways uses it 

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    My ex girlfriend and I weere together 8 1/2 years. She used chemical depilation every two to three days.  That was her choice.  She tried waxing once but said she was not a masochist. I shaved her on occasion as a fun and erotic time.  She neever had a problem with the chemicals on her pussy.


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    High folks,

    Just thought I'd put my two cents worth in. I started shaving down there a few years ago and now do it every time I shower. My adjustable 'horse clippers' takes care of the main patch thinning, then I lather-up in the shower and first remove any hair from the shaft of my penis. Next, I lift my balls to shave clean the crevice next to each leg. Then I reach behind and, by lifting one leg and then the other, I gingerly swipe the razor from my anus outward until this hidden crevasse is smooth as glass.

    The feel is so lovely and appealing. I've yet to have man or woman profit by my luxurious landscaping, but I'm patient, and hopful.


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    About Naturist Grooming.


    For my self I shave down below almost as much as I shave my face.

    It is no big deal. I find that Shaving is easier and safer when done by a partner. or an other.

    I had in the past my old G/F do it for me, as she liked it not with hair.

    I did not shave before she did,

    It took a bit of trust for her to do it  !

    She left me :(   Yes I hoping to find a new Gf , ?? Maybe you want me to meat

    someone you know I bin doing my self, for some time, i think 5 years !

    I find doing It for me is no big deal but takes longer about 2 times the time as when i shave my face.

     My massage table is perfect for that sort of activity and as i clients there nude any way,

    I offer to do it for them, lots of clients come to me for a massage service,

    I don't even charge for doing it if the client tells me ok to do !

    As I find a lot of clients after seeing my Body Grooming,

    they See that have shaved my fall body, and then see,

    My body then its not as mush as a big thing to them!



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    Using this stuff can be a health issue. Woman should never use it. Shave each other or have lazier hair removal
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    I have been a smoothie for a number of years, I find that it accentuates and enhances the feeling of nakedness, especially outdoors, and have tried both wet razors and the chemical method and have found that there are pros and cons to both.

    Firstly shaving; certainly the thought of taking a sharp blade anywhere near to ones most prized possession is somewhat daunting, but provided that you use a new, good quaity razor, plenty of shaving gel/foam and most importantly, find a comfortable to position, you have no real problems. If it is your first time, you should of course trim the bulk of the hair first, either with a pair of scissors or if that scares you, something like a battery beard trimmer. The down side to shaving in such a sensitive area is the possibility of razor burn on skin that is not used to being shaved.

    The chemical method; This is currently my preferred choice (Veet For Men) but I have found that it only works well when there is a reasonable amount of hair to be removed, so it can be useful for a first time all-over hair removal followed by regular shaving. One advantage of the chemical method is that the re-growth tends to be a little softer and less stubbly. There is the slight chance of some burning sensations if you leave the cream on for too long, so I sugget that you do not exceed the recommended 4 minutes. If that has not removed all of the hair and you need a scond application, wait for 24 hurs to give the skin a chance to recover. The main downside ito the chemical method is that the cream also takes a lot of the natural oils out of the skin, which is what causes the slight burning sensation. My remedy for this is simply a liberal application of baby oil. Beware of using normal skin moisturisers as these often contain an astringent that can sting.

    I hope the foregoing has been of help/interest to others and would be interested in hearing any comments.


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    Aaagh!! can you hear the screams of agony lol
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    Naturist Grooming

    Hair removal for nudists is a legitimate issue. For pubic area, I have found that Nair Hair Remover Lotion (aloe and lanolin - for legs)is now much safer than before. It is important to watch timing - I also apply a thick petroleum cream to delicate parts before use; a soothing lotion after. I have used it on males with good results, as well.

    Shaving is easier and safer when done by a partner. My massage table is perfect for that activity.
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    i'm too scared to shave my balls i shave the rest wife shaves she likes it clean too
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    hi karlak wife like gardening too
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    I shave down below almost as much as I shave my face. It is no big deal and in the morning my balls are tight so it is easy. I love to be clean shaven, makes me feel even more nude, and love the feeling of the breeze and sunshine on my clean shaven self.
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    I agree with Naked, waxing is the best way for me to stay smooth, even though of course it hurts a little. If i wax then i can shave every four days or so and just trim with a nice razor with warm water.
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    No. Shaving "down there" IS a bit of a risk; the possibility of drawing blood comes to mind. (Trust me, I've done it. I'm a LITTLE more careful nowadays.)
    Hey, you asked.
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    I have not tried the chemical method. I do want to second nakedlady on waxing. I was using my beard trimmer and a straight razor on and off for years. I finally ran across an ad in a local paper. It offered Brazilian waxing for men as well as women. The advertiser is female and so I called. that was 2 years ago and I renew it about ever 6-8 weeks. YMMV. I will not return to the blade. I like the look and feel and it does not itch. The 'ouch' factor is not that bad and I am a wuss for pain.

    So boys, MAN UP! give it a go just once. I think you will agree that the results are worth a little discomfort.
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    Waxing in the pubic area? I don't know about you ladies, but I wouldn't dare as a man...
    The hair roots are too strong, they will come off together with the skin.
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    I do have my back waxed regularly, or should I say I'm flayed at the post, and have come to the conclussion that there's no way I'm having anything else done.
    well at least my pubic area, I can only say that you ladies that have theirs done are better men than me.
    And before you all jump and cry "wimp", let me say I'm no stranger to pain, but having that done, ooh the thought sends shivers down the spine.
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    I tried using a chemical depiliatory whilst I was in France last year.
    I must admit it seemed a nice easy option at first, I applied it as directed, I was in the shower by the way, waited the appropriate time before rinsing it off.
    By which time there was a decided hot feeling around my pubic area, just a little too hot for comfort if you get my drift, but I left it for the desire time.
    Upon rinsing I found it had done a wonderful job, all the hair had disolved, I was absolutely smooth, I have to say I was very impressed, that is until I dried myself and patches of skin came off and the blood started to ooze out.
    Neadless to say I haven't tried it again, back to the good old trusty electric razor and moisteriser afterwards.
    So take my advice if you don't wish to have to walk around with a bandaged willy, test it on a small area first, it saves alot of embarrassment later.
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    I have tried chemical removal a while ago and found it useless to be honest. I know it may hurt a bit but wax is the best i have found and i stay smooth for ages without horrible itchy regrowth.
    You could try going to a salon for waxing and they tend to rip the wax off without prior notice so the pain isnt so obvious and they do a very thorough job too.
    The sting from wax is quickly removed with skin lotion and the few seconds of pain are well worth it.