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    If men are straight and not interested in other men don't curse them out if they accidently wink at you before reading your profile!!! Gay men don't ask to be what they are, they just are!!! Whether society accepts it or not I don't care, but gay men are just as good and contribute just as much to society as straight men do!!! I don't understand why straight men think they are valued as human and gay men are not!! So if you don't like gay men --Great I could care less BUT don't trash them for who they are when they did not choose who they are!!!!!!!
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    I'd be glad of any reaction at the moment. I have written to a few a people and had absolutely no reply whatsoever even though they said they were up for general social chit chat and meeting new friends.

    I have only had one wink too. I agree that people should read profiles fully but I am starting to wonder if anyone else is on this site!
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    if some one is hot/good looking why not tell them.others may not think the same so why not make some one feel food.
    A wink is only that (a wink)
    you dont have to jump in bed with the person and who knows you may end up as good friends
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 02, 2008 at 02:36 AM

    Reading profiles fully is always the best thing to do. As I can't see any reason why you want to contact someone or chat with someone who has stated they have no interest in what you offer. On that though I have contacted some who I did not match their criteria due to something they had written and stated at the onset that I was not what they were looking for but was intrigued by some thing and asked for more information about it etc. And generally was a nice informative chat or reply.

    On the the winks by Gays I was recieving a lot of them a friend told me to change some wording in my profile which didn't help much. ie not reading a profile before contacting. So I turned off my pics to members of the same sex. So now no males can view my pics on my profile that is anyway. And since I have only recieved 1 wink. It states that pics are turned off to members of the same sex. So forces them to read why I think, and therefore they realise not to contact me as I have no interest in them along those lines. I have nothing against gay people I have a good friend who is gay and is a top bloke.
    Mistakes will always be made however that is only human. But blatant harrassment is noy good I have a couple of blocked people in my list because of it. And blocking someone is something I detest having to do. But at times you can be left with no alternative..