Any singles friendly naturist campsites in/near Europe? The largest naturist resorts in Europe

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    I'm looking for somewhere for a short break June or July (2009) with plenty of warm weather and naturism and being able to camp nude. Not really looking for a naturist resort as such, just a naturist campsite; I suppose there's cap d'Agde, but I'm not sure that is for me although I've not been. There seem to be some naturist campsites in Croatia, I've never been and it's not easy working out if any of the sites are suitable, so I'm hoping others might have some recommendations/suggestions or stayed in any suitable ones in or near Europe.

    My criteria are:
    1)clothes optional camping site
    2)singles friendly
    3)Within about 4 hour flight radius of London.

    Plus ideally the following would be nice:
    4)Naturist beach next door
    5)A campsite I wouldn't feel too out of place in as a single and in my small tent - e.g. some (textile) campsites are very organised and neat with large plots or mostly caravans/mobile homes and I'd feel a bit out of place in my tiny tent in the middle of a large plot surrounded by huge tents/families/mobile homes.
    6)Somewhere with nice coastal walks where I may find lots of quiet beaches/coves etc used by naturists.
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    hi people, i live on my boat, at present in Nancy, France, im looking for a naturist site/beach/river/canal where i can spend next yr naked all summer, i need a marina/port to moor that is not rediculousy overpriced, anybody got any ideas as to where i can go, southern france would be ideal, but anywhere would do just as long as its naked and normal for a single guy to get tanned all over. thanks.

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    Are there some nudist places in Germany , maybe nudist camping

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    A reply from a newcomer to the this nudist community.
    In case next year you want to try a new area, come to Portugal, to Meco beach, the largest Portuguese nudist beach.
    I guess it fits your criteria: its 3 hours from the UK, 30 Km away (south) from Lisboa, it has a large nudist beach, etc.
    The only single that does not exist overthere is a "nudist campsite" (assumed as a nudist camping site or something like)
    I guess people we like it: a 2 Km beach, white fine sand, with "blue wavy sea".
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    fly to reus. (south Barcelona Spain) rent car or travel south by train to hospitality les enfont just south of her you will find el tempo desol with eltorn beach o 2mile and a non naturist campsite next door run by a Dutch couple but cheaper
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    Thanks very much Curt, that's really helpful and sounds ideal.
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    Hi Paul,

    I've stayed three times at the naturist camping site
    Bunculuka on the island of Krk, Croatia, and I think it
    meets all your criteria. Easiest way to get there is to
    fly into Rijeka airport (which is actually on Krk), and then
    rent a car or take a taxi.

    The camp site has its own beach, although it can get quite crowded. Alternatively you can walk east 5--30 minutes to several smaller more peaceful naturist beaches/coves. Quite a few people do this walk naked, so you can easily spend the whole day naked, and still get a variety of exercise. Most Croatian beaches are pebbly so the water is super clear.

    The camp site has some areas with more organised plots, and mainly caravans, camper vans, or large tents, but there are also sections where smaller tents are located in a little more haphazard fashion.
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    I have had no problems with the INF card as a single in France, even with no speakin french... plenty of places.

    sure u will find
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    Many thanks Fanasfan, that sounds good, I'll look into that. I'd just about given up hope of finding anything so I've just been away (not a naturist holiday unfortunately) so not sure if I'll be able get there this year now, but I'm keen to if I can.

    Raysalaf. In the UK I think there's the Naturist foundation, east of London, near the M25, although I've not been there. I'll post anything else I find out on here.
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    Hi, Paul, If you get an Answer, i
    m looking also,plus Anywhere in England for starters.
    Good Luck.