Nude or Naked? Cultures and Education

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    We publish a web site about nude beaches. The tag line used to be "Run Naked On the Beach." Then we got an e-mail that said "use nude, not naked." Next, we saw a comment on a profile that said,"I'm interested in a person who wants to get nude with me. Nude, not naked."

    So, do you think the two words have different connotations?

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    im impressed.... nearly as many totally different interpretations and reactions here as there are posts... everything from good ol' casual texas "nekked" to proper artsy "nude" figures with no potentially prurient reality of anatomy...


    with only one syllable, "nude" could be a convenient pronoun, adverb or adjective, but my strong personal preference for "naked" is both more basic and more elusive...


    somehow "naked" just feels more natural and real, more open and confident... it may sometimes imply more exposed, and yet for me "naked" actually feels less vulnerable... "nude" implies rules and protocols some may find comforting, but tell me anything is taboo or bad for me, and i usually wanna do it even more, or i want more of it...


    aesthetics and hygiene are important, but i savor the taste and scent of a woman, so please leave the heavy perfume and makeup for others... i like to use big words now n then to share subtle shades of meaning, but i really wanna just live and play naked because naked feels real good...


    ok, maybe there's no definitive resolution, but please keep "naked" in ur tag line anyway...

    it aint broke, so dont fix it...

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    A lot of nudists don't like the "naked" word because of its connotation of being too "bold."


    A good example of the difference for me was my wife at the beginning of our nudist life style, and then later.


    At the beginning she was very coy.  When she did get undress she usually stayed away from the crowd, sat with her legs crossed, or her holding her knees to her chest.  She was more nude than naked.

    When she became a more confident social nudist, her attitude became completely different.  She undressed right away, socialized, participated in activities, ran around the pool, was comfortable with people looking at her regardless of what position she was in...she was naked.


    I think nakedness has more to do with a mindset, a "nothing to hide" attitude. 


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    I do small sculptures of unclothed women and mermaids and was told my women were naked because I detail the nipples and gentiles and they would be more accepable as nudes without the details.

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    Naked infers looking at a body with sexual conintations, nude is a state of being. Sometimes I want to see naked women while others it could their state of their being..

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    I agree with Canadaguy2000 because the term nude often refers to a state of being or may be used to describe artwork and statues. This is a wonderful painting of nudes, not nakeds.

    The traditional social context of nudists and nudism is more commonly used when referring to recreational or lifestyle choices, and even people apprehended by the police are referred to as being "naked" rather than "nude". There is no reason why we could not have Nakedists as a descriptive terminology, but so far it just does not seem to have happened.

    How do you describe yourself or the practice of being unclothed in a social setting?

    If we are not engaged in sexually-oriented activities, then referring to the practice of social nudism in the most common, least offensive, historically accurate terminology is important. Where an employer might frown on participation in the Swingers lifestyle, although no more equally acceptable, I think we would hope visiting a nude beach or playing nude volleyball would be viewed in a more understanding/acceptable frame of reference.

    The Internet has certainly made access to information on social nudism much easier and that combined with the existence of two or three major U.S. lifestyle organizations and dozens of professionally operated websites, nudism is becoming as common as sports fandom, hardcore music fans, extreme sports enthusiasts, gun nuts and many other categories I can imagine.
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    nude is when you dont have clothes on naked is when you dont have any clothes on and your up to something
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    This is one of the toughest questions I've ever encountered. From my neck of the woods the correct word is nekkid which means either nude or naked depending on a person's personal perspective. However; not being a person who wants to rock the boat might I suggest "clothesless".

    In a more serious vein, it is my belief that nude and naked are interchangeable in that they infer that a human body does not have on any clothes. It is also my belief that you should keep your slogan just as it is.

    BTW....perhaps it might read "walk" naked on the beach...LOL  I didn't answer your question with a definitive answer, but I enjoyed responding and hope someone gets a chuckle out of all of this and remembers that being naked or nude on the beach, running or walking, is simply wonderful. 

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    My guess is that some believe that "naked" is an unrefined term and that "nude" refers more to those who believe in naturism/nudism. Both are the same in my eyes, though.