Nudist or Swinger website, and is there a difference? Comments and Suggestions

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    The nudist place here is family oriented and they do not allow singles, gawking, or any public sexuality at all or you get tossed out.

    The is also a clothing optional place run by swingers where anything goes. I'm single and new at this, so tge nudist place was not an option. But when I visited the optional place, the conversations seemed have sex hanging over it with questions about status, etc and not how the football season was going, etc.

    I felt uncomfortable and ended up hanging out at a quiet part of the park enjoying the sun, nature and walking my dog.   I met a few people then that just wanted to talk and that felt better.

    Is it because I'm new or is it a question of "do you get naked to meet people and enjoy sex" or "do you meet people and enjoy being naked"?




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    Yes there's a fine line. It's difficult to get away from People who use websites like this for sex.. It's so annoying! Sex can't be everything!

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    The question is nudist or naturist.


    Nudists use it as cover for sex. naturists live the life.