Wetting? UK-South of England Nudists

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    Although not to everyone's liking, the experience of deliberate wetting can be a turn-on.  Anyone interested in exchanging experiences or making suggestions?  

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    It's a shame that some nudists are less tolerant than others.  After all, life is for living!  If there is enjoyment to be had - what's the problem in private activities where no-one is there who doesn't want to be there?  No-one is harmed. By definition, if you are a nudist/naturist/whatever, you are not a prude.  There are, unfortunately, many in this world who are intolerant of nakedness in any form.  This site is open to all shades of nakedness and naked activities - and long may that remain.  Whether Dannyboy likes it or not, there are many on this site who are a whole lot "kinkier" than I would ever be!!  Live and let live.

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    What is Wetting?  It's deliberately letting some wee into your briefs of swimming costume or shorts, whatever.  Psychologically, it goes against the grain to do something that your mind is programmed NEVER to do!  But do try it, you never know, you might just like it!!

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    What is Wetting?