Nude Sun Bathing DC-Maryland-Virginia

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    I am new and have not ever been nude in public, well, not where anyone could see me. Before FedEx Field was built, there was some open fields out of view from the street. There were some hills and foliage that was obscured. In the summer, I would go to one of those fields and strip naked during my lunch break. I liked the feel of the sun on my skin and every once in awhile, there was a nice breeze. I also used that opportunity to masturbate. I want to go to a nudist beach, but in regard to nude sunbathing, how do you keep your genitals from getting burned? Sunscreen?

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    Nude sunbathing is wonderful. I live near York PA, there is no place for nude sunbathing nearby. However I found an Adult Bookstore in Lebanon PA, about an hour from me, that has a private patio where I can sunbathe nude. One advantage of nude sunbathing at an Adult Bookstore is if I get the urge to masturbate I can do so freely without offending anyone. 

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    Best way to avoid sunburn on whatever part is to get naked late in the day ;-) for the crown jewels..........roll over ever now and then..............of course lotions and potions will help as well. If you are furry down there, that will block much of the rays.


    Eager to hear more about any recent naked outings in fields or woods.

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    Long time nudist

    Been a nudist since i was 12, love, midnight walks, hiking, swiming,  shoping at giant etc.

    But lived in maryland , america since 2000, after my wife deid.

    Not worn clothes in 4 weeks striaght, , but love to find somewhere  where i can be a nudist every day  all year round 

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    Sunscreen for sure!  Lather it on thickly on the privates or you WILL remember next time.  Also - nude family resorts (like Avalon or White Tail) discourage boners in the public areas, so if you have no control, might need to 'help yourself' at your campsite before heading to the pool area and lotioning up your body ~ have fun and good luck.
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    Sadly I don't think there are any such places around here (but feel free to jump and correct me).  Best thing is probably to go to one of the nude resorts, such as Avalon in WV or the other one down in VA (forgot the name...).
    Good luck!