The Funniest Thing I Ever Did Nude... nudist story

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    ...was during a nude waterski show. I was riding a kneeboard doing tandem tricks with a partner. We had just finished a jump sequence and were heading into shore. Our boat driver was arcing the boat out for our release because our plan was to ride our boards right up onto the shore and step off dry because, honestly, we were lazy and could.


    As we ripped across the second wake and released the handles we see people on shore frantically waving their arms and screaming "No! No!". Well, it was too late, the damage was done. We came screaming towards shore with our hands on each others shoulders when we saw the alligator on the surface of the water in front of us.


    Our decision was to just let things happen the way they did. Our kneeboards hit the alligator in excess of 30 mph. We launched about 2 feet in the air, landed back in the water and continued to ski up on shore.


    Unfortunately the alligator wasn't appreciative of our professionalism and it promptly left the show in a huff. That little stunt is still talked about today at the resort we did it at...

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    It wasn't the one in the photo. It was a 5 footer. Small by alligator standards.

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 12, 2016 at 03:34 AM

    Just act like it's a planned part of the show, and continue on. If you had done any differently than you did, you would have probably dumped it right close to the gator and then you would have had worse problems. What was the size of the gator. The one in your picture looks to be a fairly young/small ne.