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    Well, it SAYS dc/md/va but there doesnt seem to be anybody home.  I hate to think I am the only person in the tri state area who likes that all-over tan, but, seems to be so.  If by any chance there really are people here, I would like to hear from you, if for nothing else but to confirm that this site is not truly dead. Have been doing the solitary nudist thing for a few years, and am enjoying the benefits of the sunshine, but it would be nice to share. Hit me back, if you exist. I would love to chat with you.............. maybe even offer you a beer!




    ok, here's an edit - three years ,, YEARS,,,, later.

    Few people down here, but still feel like Mad Max after the Apocalypse.  This backyard working, but nobody else's seems to be.  Ha!  Last Man On Earth.  Maybe not, but that's how it's shaping up.   ALL this sunshine going to waste.

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    Add yet another single guy to the list of "yes, we do exist."

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    Yep, well,, ok.  that was 2012.  It's now 2015.  voices in the wilderness, I'm guessing.  Hang in there peeps.  I'm going out back, soak up some more sun, and have a beer or three!  :-)

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    Anyone still here?

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    Hi, I've done some nude/barefoot hiking in the American Chestnut Land Trust near Prince Frederick.  Just had to be careful that no one else was around, or very few other people were around.  It's a nice place for nude hiking.  I lived here before but returned recently.  Am in the military.  Looking to meet other nudists just for casual friendships and to share this wonderful lifestyle!  Anyone here been to the MARNA events that happen regularly?  I'm thinking about going to the next one and see what it's like.  At least they allow single men which is a rarity!  I'm separated from my wife and she and the kids live in another state.  I would love to have raised them as nudists, but she would have none of that.
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    Ok guys --- looks like it's just you and me.
    Keep it warm and sunny!

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    No nudes is good nudes?  Nah, but, I guess we just have to keep the faith by ourselves.
    Hang in there, peeps!!!
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    Ok then,,, that's four of us~!  Probably won't be enough to cause a shortage of sunshine!!
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    Well, I'm actually in NoVa - Alexandria.  Just moved here from FL.  Committed nudist, but currently living in an apartment (sucks, I know).  If anyone is interested in enjoying social nudism with a single guy, please feel free to contact me.
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    Ok  looks like my first reply got lost, so, I will say again,,,, Glad to hear there are other people in MD who like to go bare and get some sunshine.  Yes, doesnt look like there are enough of us to support something like PineTree or Maheso down here, but, backyards and farms work just fine!  Hope you have been enjoying these last couple of weeks as much as I have.
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    Don, we are all here, its just that there is no public area that supports the nudist way of life.  My wife and I go nude on the farm all the time but there is no one around.  Our only social nudity was in St. Maartins but like you, I keep looking for some social nudity in Southern Maryland. (waldorf area)