NUDITY IN THE GOSPEL Cultures and Education

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    After eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve became ashamed of their nudity. God, in His infinite compassion provided them with clothes, but the shame of nudity came from Man.
    The Antediluvian times do not mention nudity, as per the Book of Enock. Then after the deluge, nudity is first mentioned when Noah, after being served wine to drink by his servant Cana, became drunk; removed his clothes; and fell asleep. Cana was cursed for being responsible for the nakedness of Noah, but the accursement came from Man. It is to be reminded that the first miracle of Our Lord Jesus Christ was to change water into wine, a lot of fine wine, enought to get drunk. The place of this first miracle was in Cana, named after the accursed Cana. This miracle for the Son of God is a sign that God was not affected by what Cana had done. The accursement of Man to Cana for having caused the nakedness of Noah was overuled by the Word Incarnate during the Wedding of Cana.
    The Gospel naturally implies that Jesus Christ/God, being born of a woman was seen naked at birth, then His Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary had to give the child a bath from time to time, as well as she had to feed Him with the milk of her breast. 33 years later Our Lord, during the scourging, was stripped naked by the Romans and hang by the fists with only the tip of His toes touching the ground, in order to be rotated as His flesh was being mauled by the flodging. (The movie of Mel Gibson is not exact. My sources are from the witnessings of various mystics, such as Venerable Ann-Catherine Emerick). Then on Mt. Calvary, Our Lord, after been unburdened from the Cross was stripped. The skin that was sticking to His tunic was ripped, and Jesus Christ was seen being only dressed with the Crown of Thorns by hundreds, if not thousands. He was lamentable to see. Then at last a woman named Jonadab gave Him a piece of cloth. The shame of the nakedness of Our Lord was ours, and was very little as opposed to what the Saviour suffered.
    The Gospel mentions nudity twice regarding the Disciples. First, during the arrest of Our Lord: a young man, after losing his coat ran away naked from Our Lord. The gospel does not mention the name of this disciple, but it was likely to be John. Then there is the crucial moment of the miraculous fishing party of 153 fishes. (Please read a non-suggar-coated translation. I recommend the Douai-Rheims bible).The Gospel of John Chap. 21 describes that Peter, upon recognizing Our Lord, removed his clothes in order to dive in the water and then to run on the beach of the lake. Peter was completely naked while runing towards the resurrected Son of God. This famous scene is when Peter was made the first Pope of Christianity.
    Why is nudity such a big deal for the Catholic Church? It is because nudity may be vanity. The devil, through the pagan gods represented by the Grec statues, made the image of Man to become a subject of worship. The Catholic Church imposed a strict dress codes in order to save souls, but the devil has found new ways to drag souls into hell. There are plenty of clothed-up people who everyday walk towards their own damnation. The television shows are all about affairs of adultery, abuses of all sorts, violences, glorifications of iniquities by perfectly well dressed people. Nudity may also be a gate for adultery, under certain circumstances, such as in sinful places, but if a man looks at a nude woman with the eyes of an innocent brother, or a kind father, as it is the case in nature and innocent environment, then God is not offended.
    I'll close this brief opening statement to this open forum by the quotation of a psalm that says it all about "clothing" in the eyes of God: "Let Thy priest be clothed with righteousness" -Psalm 129.
    post scriptum: personally, I do not care much if I am naked or dressed-up with an expansive suit, or if I am raised-up upon a pedestal while wearing designer shoes as opposed to have my bare feet on the ground as a discacedes Carmelite nun. I know that this world is horrible; that this world becomes more horrible due to our own man-made complications, and that there is a better place where the elects will have their tears wiped-out and that they will be provided with a white robe for an eternity. I want that! And for the rest not much matters that to walk in the way of the Lord, even if naked.
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    As a Christian myself, I don't recall one point in the Bible that God frowned upon nudity,
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    Thank you "family naturist" for participating to this forum which subject is considered a "taboo" by many Christians. Jesus Christ Our Lord, was effectively born naked, since He willed to be a real man among us, and yes indeed He was stripped naked upon arrival to Mt. Calvary. His coat was taken of, and His tunic got ripped. Since His flesh lacerated was sticking to the tunic, parts of skin and flesh  were ripped also. The Saviour was thus seen with only the Crown of Thorn. It is a woman named Jonadab who gave the Lord a piece of clothe. Why did she offer this piece of clothe? It was to cover our shame. Not the shame of Jesus since He was perfectly innocent, but our shame.
    My point is that nakedness is not, never has, and never will be a sin. Jesus Christ, since He is God, and therefore allowed His passion to happen this way permitted that the world saw his nakedness. It is man, who since Adam is ashamed of his nakedness. Man, in the person of a woman of Jerusalem named Jonadab, covered our shame.
    The Catholic Churche, as well as most other Christian sects are prudish, because they fear that nudity may cause adultery, or vanity, but to-day it is the opposite. Clothes have become objects of vanity, status symbols, even conducive to sinful lifestyle.
    As a traditionalist Catholic (mass in Latin, etc), and as an unperfect Catholic, I nevertheless campaign in favor for nudism.