Nudism and Sunburn! Comments and Suggestions

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    I have alwyas had the fairest skin. Blond hair and blue eyes. I burn and burn and then I burn in the sun. But I love to be

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    Nice to know U R nearby.


    Take it a step-at-a-time.  Lather on SPF 50 and lay in a semi-sunny area for 1/2 an hour.  Not near a lake or in a sunny place.  Repeat for at least every OTHER day.  NOT daily.  If U feel

    really hot, and uncomfortable, make it every 3rd day.  It will take time, and, sorry, U may not get a tan.  Maybe, just freakles.  So what?  As long as U R outside nude, that is the important part - RIGHT?


    Where in Chi-town?          Near NW 'burbs?  (think, Arlington Park)

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    Guess it is about choosing the best times to be in the sun, it is always advisable for any skin type to build up gradually.

    Being naked in the shade would help, lol.

    Just do as you feel right and if I may suggest do as I do and get your skin checked for any problems regularly