Naked and Afraid, or censored and stupid? females nudist from florida for friends or more

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    There is a television show currently running called Naked and Afraid. the premise is a couple, unknown to each other, are dropped into a wilderness and everything is taken away from them including clothing. They are supposed to survive off the land and their wits. Problem is in prudish TV land nudity is not allowed. So, when we see them facing the camera the breasts of the woman and the genitals of both are blurrred. Hence they look like they are wearing some kind of electronic bikini!  The show has just become just another survival show of which there are already plenty.

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    I think the program is limited but it does give us some exposer in a way that dose not focus on Sex and being naked.

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    In Europe we did'nt have that problem, after 8pm,it was even in commercials. That's one of the things I dislike about coming back to the States, not that you could see naked people on TV, because we can do that on pay-per-view, but that the attitudes were that it was no-big-deal. Hard concept to understand, if you've never spent more than a few years over there, or have been enlightened somehow. No, it's not all about sex, it's the way you think about the concept. Or maybe it's because all the Puritans left Europe in the 1500 - 1700s and came here to populate this New World, and this is what we ended up with. Besides, we all know that SEX sells. And that drives the market. Unfortunately. 

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    My thought on it is that they are "naked" not "nude".  Naked means exposed and truly that's what they are and they need to find ways to overcome the challenge that comes with being exposed to the cold, the heat, the wet, the insects and everything else.  I like the show for what it is.  Sure, unblurred would be better, but from the production standpoint, it's still the same show.  Now they can release it on DVD unrated and make a mint!

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    naked and afraid, buying naked, dating naked,,,love the idea to bring more nudism in the picture,

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    i do understand the idea behing the program, its not so bad, its about the most primitive form of survival like our ancestors lived back in the days, as for the cersorship part...well its on public television, cant ask for more...only if u buy the dvd u will be able to see the full non censored image

    the idea itself its not bad, if there was a park that allows survival experience in the nude i would rush there