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    I went in July this year. There was a few naturists about, but its getting less and less. The textiles are starting to stretch down the beach from can picfort, and also from the iberostar at the playa de muro end. the beach could do with a sign in the middle that says its a naturist area. i know they dont really do that in spain because of the "Naturism Anywhere " law, but it would help.
    I went for a stroll on the waters edge and got a few nasty glares. i just glared back
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    I have just got back from another visit. there were a few naturists about, but it seems that the textiles are walking further up the beach to find a bit of space. I didnt have any problems though and walked naked from one obelisk to the other without any major stares.
    Lets use it so as not to lose it
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    Just wish we had a nudist beach to save
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    Assuming that we are talking about Playa de Muro (or Playa S'illot as some people refer to it), I go to this beach frequently as I live locally and was there yesterday (July 13th 2009). The middle stretch of beach is still frequented by many naturists both in the sand dunes and on the beach itself.

    For anyone reading who wants to know where the beach is, its between Puerto de Alcudia and Can Picafort. The part frequented by naturists is near a large obelisk situated between the Alcudia Pins Hotel and Sa Caseta.

    Put the coordinates 39.781828,3.135653 in the google maps search box.
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    hi there ,have been to the beach in question when i went on holiday at Alcudia a couple of years a go and it is a very lovely beach met a lovely lady from the Black Forest area of Germany who i spoke to who was very nice . all in all it is a realy nice beach anybody who visits the area of Alcudia in Majorca should vist it. willie

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    I have not been to the beach area in question but I have seen some wonderful books of the area. Quite Beautiful! I wish you the best.