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    Why is it when requesting invitation to chat with others and you say hi and give your asl immediately the one you request to chat with enters " refuses your chat invitation "? I am a nudist and I belong to a nudist resort now for 5 years. Nudist are the most friendliest people I have ever met. At the resort I belong to everyone says hi or at leasts waves as you pass by them. This chat area is a " internet¿ nudist resort "! A place where nudists come to meet other nudists and socialize about thier nudist lifestyle with each other. Instead of hitting the " refuses your chat invitation " at least acknowledge thier presense by saying hi and if you are busy let it be known.¿ What is your opinion on this matter ?

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    yeah, same here, each day at least 5 to 10 men wanti g to chat, for fucks sake, I am not interested in men, my profile states it clearly.

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    apparently you have "don't ignore me issues"
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    being a single female i tend to get 5-10 messages at once when i enter the chat room. If I'm on just to talk to a certain person, or the invite is from someone I've not met and I dont have time to respond, i dont respond.

    Its the internet for pete's sake, dont take everything as a personal attack. You are not the only person online at that moment, and perhaps not the only person messaging someone. I for one am not able to reply to several people at once, its physically impossible for me to do so.

    Also, I have an old computer and too many things going at once slows it down incredibly. The less chat windows open, the easier it is, so I close new invites as they appear unless I'm not busy at that particular moment.

    Its not to be rude or ignorant, but simply easier than trying to say "sorry, busy" to 15 people at once. I've also had too many people not take that at face value and still insist on chatting even after I've said I'm not interested or cant talk right now. After awhile it gets to be old news and I just stop acknowledging new invites.

    Whats the saying - one bad apple can ruin the lot? So dont take it personally, perhaps someone before you acted out of turn, and now the person you messaged is a bit gun shy to try again.
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    I agree also, after going in the CHAT Room, i
    ve introduced myself, & apologised for maybe interupting a chat, Just to get Blocked/Rufused your chat, By Ignorant/Impolite ppl.

    They say they
    d like to meet / chat with a certain type / age of Person, go into a CHAT Room then just Because you
    re a SINGLE MALE are just so Rude.Narrowminded People 

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    I agree very good point.  Too bad more people do not feel the same way.  Oh well I will always prefer the nude beach or resort over the internet anyway.

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    You have a good comment there
    We will always say hi and reply, always interested to hear from people
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    I am usually accepting of anyone who wants to chat...just want to increase my friendship circles to explore new nudist areas. When your in the chat room I don't care if you want to chat with me.