Looking for cases to an article on naturism in the Canarias nudist story

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    I am a Norwegian journalist and photographer working freelance for mayor newspapers and magazines in Norway. I am going to Las Palmas this November and heard about all the naturist communities in the Canarias from a friend. I would very much like to make a photo story about naturism.

    Now I look for people who live/stay in naturist communities on the Canarias that would like to participate in the a photo reportage on naturism. I would like to interview them about this lifestyle and follow them for a some hours to photograph the lifestyle.

    I will be in Las Palmas from the 14th of November to the 23d of November. It would be convenient if you are in a community on Gran Canaria, but that is not an absolute.

    My biggest hero in photography Diane Arbus made a great story on naturism in the 60'ies. So following her example makes totally sense to me.

    Hopefully you are a lot out there who would like to participate. Thank you so much for any help!
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    Other place is playa de la Tejeta in Tenerife. Very close to the Tenerife sur airport.

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    Thanks for the help, guys!
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    Great place for nudism is in dunes at Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Loads of interesting things going on there.
    papagayo beaches in Lanzarote. also northern beaches in Fuertenventura.
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    most of nudism is on dunes beach in masspalomas