How I Realized for the first time I was a Nudist nudist story

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    Many years ago when I was about 22 y/o, I had a friend who ran an apartment sitting business for people who lived in upscale places and didn't want them left uninhabited while they were away on vacation. My friend became overwhelmed with the amount of business she had and asked me to take over a few sitting jobs.
    The first place I went to was in a beautiful brand new high rise building up on the 15th floor. It was much more luxurious than where I lived, and I was really enjoying my stay, so much so, that I decided to call out sick from work for a few days so I could really enjoy the place. On the first morning that I didn't have to get up early for work, I languished in bed later than usual. When I was finally ready to get up, I pulled back the covers and stood up. Suddenly I heard a lot of whistling and hooting and I looked up and realized that the shades were totally open and there were men working on constructing another high rise across the street exactly at the same level as the floor I was on. I also realized that I was only wearing a pair of panties with nothing else. They could all see my breasts. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door. At first I felt embarrased, but then I realized that I was turned on too. I took a shower and came back to the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around me, and because it excited me, I allowed the towel to drop and walked around completely naked for a long time. The guys were all making noises at first, but they quieted down and were just watching me. I loved it. I knew I wanted to give them more, so I laid down on the bed and masturbated. I came several times before I got up. I stayed naked all day and I have to admit I treated the guys to many more shows before my time there was up.  I  had never been in a situation before where I was naked in front of strangers and I realized then and there that I loved it and I knew I was going to expose myself again.

    My second apartment sitting job was a different set-up. It was a ground level place that had a back door leading out to a little courtyard with a few trees and a bench. This courtyard was surrounded by 4 buildings that each had about 7-10 floors with windows that looked down onto the courtyard. Being a total nightowl, I was always up late at night when very few, if any, lights were on in the windows overlooking the courtyard. One night I happened to be very very horny. I was walking around naked in the apartment, playing with myself, and I kept thinking about that bench outside. Finally, I just walked the 50 feet outside to the bench, completely naked, and layed down on it. I started touching my breasts and before long I was masturbating and cumming. Afterwards, I just layed there naked with my legs spread wide apart, softly touching myself and hoping in my heart that someone had seen me.

    After that, I went out there every night around the same time and did the same thing. I had been at this apartment for about 8 days, when one night I was out on the bench, masturbating, and suddenly a door opened and out walked a guy. He was only wearing a pair of shorts, but his cock was out and he was stroking and squeezing it. He walked toward me, and I sat up abruptly and was ready to run back to the apartment but he started talking to me. He told me that he had watched me out here in the courtyard for several nights. He said he wanted to come out and talk to me but was afraid he would scare me. His voice was so soft and he seemed so non-threatening, that I just kept sitting there on the bench. Inside me, I was so incredibly turned on that I was sitting there completely naked in front of a man who said he had been watching me masturbate many times. I could feel tingling all over my body and wetness was just oozing out of me. He said he thought I was beautiful and wanted to get a little closer, but promised he would not touch me. He just wanted to get a closer look. He told me he thought that I must have wanted to be seen or I would not be out there. I knew he was right. He told me that he was a voyeur and that he could not remember ever getting so aroused and hard from seeing anything or anyone. By this time, he had walked all the way over to the bench and was standing right next to me. He said I wanted to show you my cock and show you the effect you have been having on it. He slipped his shorts off and stood there naked with a huge hard-on. He resumed stroking it softly and asked me to continue what I was doing. I kept telling myself I should get up and run, but I couldn't move. I stared at him stroking his cock and resumed masturbating. We didn't say anything to each other while we did this. We just watched each other. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my entire life. I kept trying to spread my legs further apart just to show it to him. After we both came, he asked if he could sit down on the bench, and I said yes. He asked me if I was going to be out again the next night, and I said yes. We were just softly chatting when I finally said I had to go in and pee. He asked me to do it there so he could watch. First I looked at him like he was kidding, and then he began to implore me to urinate there for him to watch. He told me that it was very erotic to see a woman pee. So I did it. I urinated there in the dark quiet courtyard, naked, for him. Afterwards I told him I had to go in, and he said he would see me tomorrow night. I did go out there the following night and for 3 more nights after that, and then it was time to leave. We ended up spending many sexy nights together for about 8 months, until it ended.

    After these 2 experiences, I became aware that I loved to be seen naked, and whats more, I loved to be watched during sexual activities.


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    Sometimes, when I'm at home on a hot summer day, my clothes get sweaty and wet. By that point, I take off all my sweaty and wet clothing and I feel much better.

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    Cool story, like how your experance with being a nudist is a sexual one.

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    Never been seen that I know of when I let the dogs out and walk around the yard naked.. several times during the day as well as night as privacy fence is tall enough to hide me.. but it is so hard to not get hard when there is a cool morning or evening breeze like this morning.. love the feeling and to look at Alexissssss breasts..

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    My late wife use too enjoy being watched, and it always turned me on.  One night we were out camping and though everyone was asleep so we got it on in the back of the truck this guy bwalks upo and says he is enjoying what he see. Wife looks at me and says you always want a 3 some and invites him to join us which he was already nude and ready for.  We had a hot time and she had me do things I never thought I would.  We were 69 n' and he was pounding her hard when she told me to add some lube to him with my mouth, well he went from her pussy to my mouth and back again. after he droped his load in her she made me lick her clean.  We both enjoy that night


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    That is a hot story, I would have done the same as he did. I would still like to watch you play with yourself, my exwife used to do it for me.

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    Very hot story.  Loved reading it.