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  • nakedportland ( 22 / M / Scappoose, OR )

    Going to a coffee shop. Great way to get to know someone and find iut if you "click"

  • mockerman ( 32 / M / Nehawka, NE )

    Hang out Maby drank d hope it rains out so we can go hang out in it;)

  • MikeHudson1957 ( 60 / M / East Liverpool, OH )

    would rather meet a lady at a restrant to chat for the first time. do not want to know ware u live at untill we get to know each other and know if we like each other.

  • ArizonaJeeper ( 70 / M / Lake Havasu City, AZ )

    Meet where we can talk without being rushed. Another city if it is more convenient would work for me.

  • barry92 ( 26 / M / India )

    Should meet up at a cafe! Talk and know about each other. You can have the assurance of being safely picked up and dropped back at your place! And yeah, a lot can happen over a coffee!

  • wiccamaster1969 ( 55 / M / Sault Ste. Marie, ON )

    I live in Sault Ste. Marie and am unable to travel.

  • 65mustang ( 30 / M / Manassas, VA )

    Let's meet somewhere public to talk and get to know each other. I dunno about you, but meeting a test ranger off of the Internet can be an uneasy feeling. Let's do it somewhere safe and public.

  • boux601 ( 68 / M / New Haven, CT )

    we could meet at a agreed spot and do what we agree to very open

  • BeachStroll4 ( 32 / M / National City, CA )

    A nice dinner, the depending on the situation, maybe go further.

  • Blacknude76 ( 41 / M / Queretaro, Queretaro de Arteaga )

    Tener una platica planeando un paseo nudista es lo mas agradable, que puede haber.

  • schorschl ( 29 / M / Leinefelde, Thuringen )

    auf ein Käffchen um sich erstmal angezogen kennen zulernen :)

  • SelShackfield ( 57 / M / Englewood, CO )

    Wow! All this pressure, already. Really? I mean, it's subjective to the type of girl that I initially meet. What we find out about each other after we decide we'd like to meet, after we find out that we even connect. So...  read more >>

  • ichnur ( 61 / M / Herdecke, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    wir suchen uns ein gemütliches aus

  • baelious ( 30 / M / Bootle, England - Merseyside )

    We would meet and stroll to a local cafe or something similar, chat, and get to know each other, and maybe get dinner or drinks later.

  • wizkidpaul ( 62 / M / Frederick, MD )

    maybe coffee or brunch at a small cafe then possibly go for a ride on my harley or a day trip to the local nudist resort in paw paw wv