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  • Troyhedden ( 22 / M / Fort Payne, AL )

    Take a long walk on the river side at sunset and end up on a dock with a picnic set up and a radio playin the most romantic music in the area and right as the sun disappears slow dancin on the dock and endin the night wi...  read more >>

  • One4Robert ( 52 / M / Fayetteville, NC )

    Maybe an afternoon stroll on the boardwalk near the water while getting to know one another

  • Nmh12388 ( 30 / M / Braintree, England - Essex )

    I would love and adventure in to the woods or along the coast exploring new areas to me and creating new adventures.

  • jims481869 ( 49 / M / La Salle, MI )

    A walk by the lake at sunset an dinner.

  • babyboomer1206b ( 71 / W / Downers Grove, IL )

    Forest preserves, rails to trails; also conversation over liquid refreshment

  • Livingstonfun ( 35 / C / Livingston, MT )

    To really get to know each other

  • AllNatural1456 ( 21 / M / Naples, FL )

    I would love to meet people by a biking trail and go into the woods and get naked and just do what ever we want even if it's just a quick pick me up

  • silverfox1950 ( 68 / M / Campbell, CA )

    Luv to connect with like minded men.

  • Kthcisme ( 49 / M / Brookfield, MO )

    Bbq in the country go for a swim and or hike. Long talks

  • hollywood1009 ( 42 / M / West Des Moines, IA )

    To meet up go to the park and sit or walk and talk for a while

  • DoctorFrankie ( 40 / M / Roanoke, VA )

    A nice hike, maybe a bike ride, or swimming at the lake and dinner.

  • Shahn151 ( 41 / M / Centralia, MO )

    If the like the water then maybe a ride on the jet ski.

  • lovemelongtime99 ( 58 / M / Saginaw, MI )

    Have a nice day in a park and having a good lunch with you and your use your own personal information about how much more fun with me you would have with my best friend if you no where Ian going

  • JCShiner44 ( 47 / M / Pontiac, MO )

    Something we both can agree on maybe like something outdoors like a picnic and maybe a lil hike or swim.

  • Larryfine123 ( 62 / M / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    Anything fun!!! I'm open as my likes are vast just as long your happy then I'm fine with it. I'm very open.