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Lawers should check this out.

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I found on the newspaper, tv and internet on 2-20-08. The price of gas is going up because the oil refinerys are creating a shortage.

That is what I would call a crime. They are stealing money from all the American people. They are hurting American familes. They are stealing from children.

This need to stop. I want Lawers, And Judges to investgate this information.

I will investgate this every day for the rest of my life. I am in young and I will be around for a long time.

Thank you all for your comments.

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Posted on Feb 21, 2008 at 11:31 AM Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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Hi all, Thank you for your comments.

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It's interesting that prices seem to rise very substantially when there is a supply problem (refinery shut-down, hurricane, war, etc.)then decline somewhat less substantially a short time later. For example, prices rise to from $3.29 to $3.60 per gallon then drop back down to $3.49. Each time, we are so ecstatic that we are not paying the higher price that we loose sight of the fact we were paying significantly less 6 months to 1 year ago when, for example, we were only paying $2.89 per gallon. If only oil really were a "free market" commodity, people would have more of a choice - they would be able to shop around for the best deal and better limit their consumption to control prices. As it is, while we can conserve somewhat, we really have little choice. It's our own fault, unfortunately, that we have built a society that depends on oil for so many things and there are not really good alternatives. Like most americans, unless I want to buy a horse (would not work well in our current society), I have no choice but to drive (an economical car) and fill it up with gas twice (or more) per week (just so I can get to work to make more money to buy gas). The oil companies have us and, more importantly, the politicians right where they want us. --picturemaker

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A lot of us may consider the Oil Companies' manipulation of supply and prices to be criminal, but those who support the capitalist and democratic systems as enforced by the American Government will tell us that it is simply big business at work, that profits make the world go round; and if you don't agree with their ideals you must be a communist, socialist, greenie, liberal - or some similar brand of "pinko"... Has nothing to do with "lawyers and judges"... Parliaments make laws, courts rule on and act on those laws, police act to actually enforce those laws on behalf of the parliament and the courts.. Don't make the mistake of raising the lawyers to some higher position than what they deserve - a large proportion of those lawyers are criminals, sharks, bottom feeders, scamsters and conmen themselves - it's no coincidence that any time a list of people's ideas of the ethical standards of various professions is created, the lawyers are crawling around on the bottom (along with politicians, realtors and property developers, used car salesman, drug dealers, journalists and bankers..). };->

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In the U.K British Gas (For Piped Gas) went up by 15% a few weeks ago, THEN yesterday they announched in the Press,Last Years Profits. THEY WERE 4 TIMES THE PREVIOUS YEARS PROFITS. We will be cutting up more fallen trees for logs. Did another 1/2 tonne last weekend on the one frost free day we got. Thank goodness we are so cheerful. Oh how we wait for some sun!!! Brian and Susan, East Anglia U.K

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Not sure what you guys are paying but trying to do my conversions correctly out here we are paying at the moment about $3.80 US per gallon at the pump. About 10 cents more for diesel. Mind you I am converting litres and AUS dollars to your equivalant. So it may be a few cents out. Out where I am we have been warned to expect anything up to a 30 cent increase per litre. about 26 to 28 cents US so that would make it over a dollar a gallon at the pump. I am also on the eadge of the outback and we pay a lot higher prices here than they do in the city so it would be cheaper thare by upto 10 cents a litre

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prices go up all the time when a refinery blows up. as one did on monday of this week. and every time a hint of oil cut backs long before the oil reaches the docks.

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