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Still safer than crossing the road

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Taken from our local paper " The Manning Times " this week.

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1 year ago


we may need to fish for more many asian cultures shark is a delicacy,and we westerners might aquire a taste for it too.

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Sorry if the Article didn't load !!! This is connected to " It's me" blog, the article was quoted in saying that on the north coast of NSW Australia where I live that 13 shark attacks have occurred over the last year. The last one less than a week ago, the same day I was swimming only a couple of beach's away. As I have stated still safer than crossing the road, these attacks will not stop me from going to the beach to enjoy sun, surf and sand. I did try to post earlier comments which may not have loaded, so sorry if I'm repeating myself. About 3yr's ago I suffered a serious farm accident lossing my left index finger completely and surgery and skin grafts to my middle finger and thumb. What did I learn, one watch out for drop saw's, two life's to short not to take chance's in love or in general. One last thing with the sharks one must ask why are there greater sighting and attacks and why are they coming closer to than ever. Is this because warmer ocean currents or is it that we are over fishing, your thoughts on this would be great