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It's me!!!

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It is just me.....if your new to this site do everything send winks, emails and comments  people will get back to you. Yes I got my first email and a wink so my internet is working and i do not feel like I'm out past the black stump (Aussie slang) for all others in the middle of nowhere.

Here's a BIG ONE do SHARK ATTACKS make you less likely to go to the beach? 

Seeing we have had a couple here in Australia in the last month.

Posted on Jul 26, 2015 at 03:26 PM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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We are having a top winter cool mornings lovely sunny days of 21 to 26 decrease, waters not to bad around 13. Went to the beach three days ago swam and strolled came home found out the next couple of beachs over a surfer got bitten. Like snake's something we live with and thank you for your comments.

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Wouldn't stop me going to the beach. I don't swim anyway LoL.


How's the winter been downunder.

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