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It never ceases to amaze me how many people read these blogs but don't appear to have an opinion of their own to contribute . I don't mind flack back at me as this is what it is all about . Is it that people couldn't be bothered , aren't capable of writing a few lines , not interested or what. Why read others opinions then as they probably aren't the same as yours ? Do you just accept that what is writen may be true without questioning what is writen . I have always thought that Naturalist'es thought a lot about what is happening around them . Don't people disagree with what is writen here. Throw some sh-t at me , answer me back so we know at least someone is alive and thinking out there . Love to see comments . The last 3 blogs have been mine as no one appears to blog anymore . Wake up world . It's a happening life out there . Ciao for now

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Dear Gold Coast man, i'm sad to hear that people tend not to respond to your blog entries, I have just found this site, haven't become a paid memebr yet, would like you opinion on that, is it necessary, I just want to hang out with like minded people, clearly you also have a brain in your head and so chatting whilst sunning ourselves would be fun, I'm just up the road in Brisbane, have you really been so disappointed with people, how many people have responded to you and how many new freinds to hang out starkers with have you found

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I'm new here and agree.  I wish there was more conversations going on that are current.  Some of these posts are so long ago, they aren't helpful.  I was hoping to meet some new friends and get introduced to nudism.  I've been to a nude beach a couple times with my dad and uncle when I was younger and loved it.  I'd like to find a mentor and a few events that I can attend as a single male.

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i don't get on here much anymore, but you are right. 

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