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I am beginning to wonder if this site is as ethical as it should be. Naturalists or nudists shouldn't be people to hide behind a profile with no photo . This is what the police have been able to pick up on Facebook as far a pedofiles and other wierd people who are hiding out there . Who are we talking to anyway? As I have previously stated ,I WILL TELL EVERY ONE WHO MEETS ME OR TALKS TO ME THIS UPFRONT . I am not ashamed of who I am. As a matter of fact , just the opposite . So many males hiding , for what reason ? Are you ashamed of yourself? Most of us are NORMAL PEOPLE , its just that we shun the clothes we wear whenever possible , thats all. I am aware the will cause some flak but it is something that should be discussed not hidden .

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I am not sure if it is hiding as much as at one time there was too much blatant display of erections and it seemed to disuade some ladies from being friendly.. maybe that was just an error in perception

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I have noticed that a large majority of profiles have no picture, and among even the ones with a picture, the profile itself is largely blank. No picture+blank profile = NO INTEREST. Why are they even here?

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All good points my friends.

Some people work in fields that posting a picture could get them in trouble, such as public school teachers.

Some like me have clothed pictures but don't yet have one that is tasteful and representative fully nude.  I'll get one taken and posted soon.

The funny thing is I recently made the mental switch.  Many people may enjoy being nude, but, not really identify with being a nudist and not want other people to know that they are closet nudists.  Recently I realized that my true self is as a nudist and I put clothes on to be in the rest of the world.  All of a sudden I realized that I now understand how a closet homosexual feels, and am ready to 'out' myself as a nudist.





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maybe if nudistsfriends gave more bonuses or advantages to people with a picture it would incourage more to post a picture on there profile

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I support the poin of view of naturist artist above. Really at work some people might not share the budism philosophy and this (I mean open pictures) can cause trouble in relationships at work.  On the other hand, I personally don't care what people think of me, so I added some of my pictures. 

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Discretion sounds like a good arrguement, but I'm not sure its a valid one.  First, you don't have to include a face photo.  Second, you can disguise those with photoshop, paint, or GIMP.  Third, I believe NF even allows for private pics.  


While everyone wishes their body wmemorable memorable, it's really a persons face people recognize.  Even if you have an identifying scar, disfigurement, or tattoe, you won't be identified from any faceless photo, regardless of how much skin is showing, unless they've seen you naked.


Incliding any photo, of course, is completely up to each member.  Not including one, howvere, seems to defeat the purpose.  Post a rear shoot, G torso shot, or even a leg or two.  

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well lot of us prefer to be nudist but work in office where the majority dont like and impact you workin happen to my friend she had her pic uploaded and the same was shared by someone into everyones mail...they made fun of her nobody confronted directly but made fun comments...

i mean its better to know the preson chat and once sure then share the pic..


naturist artist

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I don't have an issue Bluey.  I simply found it curious that a certain contributor hides his photo from a selected gender,which I presume is thefeminine one.  

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I think it is strange that a member herehides his pictures from women.

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I guess a lot of people have different reasons for not posting a photo of themselves on their profile. It's all well and good to say I don't care who sees a nude picture of me but in today's world that option is not always one that they can afford to choose. Althought they might be as committed to the nudist lifestyle as you or I, it doesn't mean that they have to share that information with the whole world. Live and let live I say and if they feel comfortable sharing pictures that's great and if they don't that fine too. Who are you to judge?

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Why bother "requiring" a photo.  Why should it matter to you, anyway?  If they're too chicken to include a photo, don't even look at their profile - they're obviously not committed.  If they're not going to include a photo AND they're going to pay for a membership, their loss and NF's gain (they get the subscription fee).









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It has been stated before that there is no guarantee that the picture on a profile is that of the user, so why require one? This isn't a "true nudist" site anyway, as even the most cursory examination should reveal. The reason I don't post a picture? I don't want to. That's not even my car.

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HI there Deroma47,at last I have come across some one that Agrees with Me,that If your are a so called Nudists, as you make your self out to be then why hide behind a Profile with out a photo.I have even ask the Support team for an Ansewer to this. I even put It to them that why dont they put a Clause, in there contract saying that you dont have a photo on your profile In one week then you forfit your money & we cancel your contract because you did not agreement & they came back saying that they look In to It,as It was a good idea & thats over a Month ago & still theres nothing done.I often wonder If all the true Nudists like my self, that are not afraid to take there Kit of. Where to take the same Attitude, as the members that hide behind a blank Screean,Were also to hide be hind a blank Screan, ? then the Support Team could change the name from NUDISTS FRIENDS.COM TO HIDE&SEEK.COM   

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