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what makes a profile

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Hi , yes it's me again , I HAVE A QUESTION AND ITS MAINLY AIMED AT THE LADIES BUT MAY MAKE SOME MALES STAND UP AND TAKE NOTICE ALSO.    What is it that a woman is looking for in a males profile to make them stand up and take notice . Yes , I am aware that we are not the perfect specimans that we were in our youth but the same could be said of SOME of the fairer sex . I have learnt that "perfection is an illusion , there aint no such animal" . Yes  , incorrect gramar in this world of ours and  deserves a swift kick in the butt. However it's true . We are not perfect and as the years roll by we will only get worse . What I am asking is WHAT IS IT THE FAIRER SEX IS LOOKING FOR IN RELATION TO A PARTNER, BE IT BEACH OR ELSWHERE .   i would love to have some honest feedback from the ladies on this whether they are married or not . Perhaps it may settle a few ghosts out there and then again once again I may cop some flack . But this is what this is all about . Discussion time between mature adults . I wonder what comments will appear this time .    My purpose in these blogs is to start people questioning themselves and starting conversations. TRAVEL SAFE ,

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A few cheap words, a hairy arse, a photo of an erection and a belief that the owner of the profile is God's gift tis the same/opposite sex seems to be the usual here.


Listen you blokes. Cyber interaction might be all that you are capable of, but that is all that you will probably achieve. If you are lucky.  Get out there and find some real people and learn how to get to know them in the real world.

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It was interesting.  I think there were 100+ tips.  Some were obvious, others were quite a surprise

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Thanks Harry , haven't found that yet

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I just found a link that explains a lot about how to write a profile, what to include, what not, etc.


On almost any page, there is a blue box on the left where your profile picture is shows, and below that several links to email, chat, support, etc.  At the bottom is a link "Successful dating advice ...".


Click on that and there are a number of hints about photos, profile details, etc.





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