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The UN has no business to change the USA's constution. That was written over 200 years for this country. It can not be changed. I heard from the NRA that the UN is try to stop the USA's laws. If the USA can not have guns, then I gess Europe can not bare brest. Is the UN trying to control the world. The UN is not supose to control the world. That is what I heard in the USA. Watch out world.

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The UN is wrong and needs to take a dump! I think our Goverment wants all guns out of the hands of It's people. Maybe they scared! A new presadent is badly needed in this country. One who won't allow this type of malarkey. Don 

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The way the world operates is far from facts that are absolutly black or white.  When Britain was affected by the IRA (Irish Republican Army)  those years ago. The British regarded them as Terrilists, I was in Holland and saw Dutch TV, on it they were referred as 'Freedom Fighters'.  I seem to remember that the IRA was getting funding from such places as Lybia and even subscribers in the USA.

Just to show what a mixed up world we live in, remember that:-

Definintion of a 'Camel' -  Quite simply it could be a 'Horse' designed by a Committee, many people might have put in what they think will work and look at the result.

Surprise, Surprise,  the camel can do a good job in the right circumstances and environment 

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