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Keeping an eye on solariums is proving to be interesting . Now some of the chemicals are also harmful to our bodies . Big brother doesn't do their homework that well, do they!! An now they discover that Margerine is only one molecule short of being plastic. Originately invented to fatten up pigs , but they died , so they put flavorings or something in it for human consumption . Once again , Who's looking after the people. Must be some form of population control . Just thoughts but google them and read up on what we are being fed . ONCE AGAIN , LOVE TO HEAR COMMENTS . LETS STIR THE PEOPLE THAT TRY TO CONTROL US!!We who are Naturalists should think about what we digest .

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If you haven't already, check out Mike Adams -The Health Ranger at

He covers all kinds of health threats and healthier alternatives without any mainstream media hype/bs.

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My background is radiation effects. One of the problems is while massive doses of radiation, UV, xray, gamma, cosmic, neutron etc. are very harmful. Moderate doses do not have the same consequences for all people. It is a statistical thing. It is like smoking, one of my relatives was a very heavy smoker and lived until she was 94. However, if you had taken a sample of 100 people subjected to the same lifestyle, smoking alone would have killed a very large number, long before they reached 94 years of age.


Its the same with radiation. None is good, a minimum of radiation is OK, large amounts of what appears to be body tolerable radiation is playing with lady luck.


It is difficult to get the differences between nudists and textile sunbathers because the small genitalia area covered by modern swimsuits makes all bodies the same as far as the statistics are concerned. One thing is for certain I would rather be a nudist fully exposed to the sun than say a cabin attentdant, or even a regular passahger, flying over the poles. London-Tokyo, London-SFO even. But that is more cosmic than UV.


I do not have tan lines, just a white shade of white. Be healthy and stay happy.

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Yes, man is killing himself......... Big Pharm rules! Watch out for  Banana Boat sunscreen as it can catch on fire! Check out EWG for safe suncreens & cosmetics & foods.............CDN girl Ann.

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Have you ever noticed, that when you enter into one of these discussions...someone, without fail, notices the tan and points out the harm the sun is doing (thereby suggesting the discussion is hypocritical?).  Too bad too, since the discussion of health is always vald.  Still, as far as the sun goes, a whiter shade of pale is such a terrible thing to contemplate, is it not?  Can you even imagine "no tan lines" being achieved through no exposure to the sun?  I mean really!

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We have a 20 tube sun bed which we use with some caution especially at the end of the winter when we are wanting to look a bit less pale.

Prior to my retirement, one of my last jobs as a Contract Accountant was to help close down a factory, this  over a period of 18 months. They turned chemicals into food colourings and additives). Identified as 'E' Numbers that are in lots of different processed foods.   The one they made tonnes of was 'Sunset Yellow' that was added to Orange Cordial amongst other things. This was one of the things that we were told can make children Hyper-Active. They also used to extract the 'Green' from grass using chemicals, this colouring was sold to manufacturer's of frozen peas to make them 'more green when cooked.

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