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Just read that the Australian Government has issued a statement suggesting that we NOW need about half an hour of day of sunshine on our bodies because of a lack of vitamin b.It is suggested that it is in the earlier and later parts of the day ofcourse . But what a turn around from before . Skin cancer clinics must be enjoying this also.I have also long believed that further down the track we will find that sunscreen lotion will also be something that will lead to some form of cancer. Glad I am a naturalist'e and sun worshiper .Taken in small regular quantities I must save us from some of our watchers[Government] evils . ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS AS IT IS ONLY MY BELIEFS

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Vitamin D is the vitamin created by exposure to the sun.

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I did see something about certain sunscreen sprays, the aerosol type, that have an oil component which is very fine (small molecules, or something). This results in the oil being more easily absorbed into the skin pores rather than remaining on the surface.



I do not have an opinion on this topic because I find the spray sunscreens VERY user friendly!  The best I can say (type) is everything in moderation!  Moderate doses of sunshine!  Moderate doses of sunscreen!  Use a hat to protect your face!  Don't forget to put sunscreen EVERYWHERE to keep the most sensitive bits from burning or getting skin cancer.






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lol.  Had not thought about the cancer risks of sun block, but why not.  Some poor nude mouse, no doubt due to your theory, will live for a year in a vat of the stuff...and sure enough...form some thing.  Yep, I think you are on to something here. ;-)

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It seems its all a question of balance, there are even suggestions that some of the 'Spray on and rub on self tanning solutions can be dangerous. The national press in the U.K has just reported that a mother is having her FOUR YEAR OLD daughter spray tanned once a month so she can enter Junior Beauty Pagents.

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