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When going back over who has read my blogs I am amazed to find that there are very few female naturalists that either read them or have any interest in them. Perhaps that just goes to show how little interest the fairer sex have in naturalism. I still live in hope that one day someone[female only thanks] will contact me out of the blue and actually wish to become involved in our lifestyle. Or perhaps my life. AHH its nice to dream isn't it

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Hi  and thanks for replying to my blog. Nice to see that you read them.I haven't heard from you for a while . Please understand that I am not realy complaining , just thought that I would mention the fact. We males obviously spend too much time thinking [Not too deeply I must say] about the fairer sex. I have always believed in treating a lady like a lady and as a result have many friends from it. I also admit that I do not exactly go out on a limb to make those ladies a partner either. I tell them I am a naturaliste straight up front. as that is who I am . They still are my friends but don't wish to participate in this type of activity. Fair enough , we are all different! I have been told many times that I am doing the wrong thing [by these ladies] but I won't stop doing it. Why get involved with someone and then somewhere down the track have them find out that I am 'ONE OF THEM' Only to have them look at me like I have kept something so dreadfull from them . Thanks for reading it though

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Remember that N.F is a site that covers the world. Australia is just part of that world and of course is a rather big place with the population generally well spread out.

We wonder, are there not groups, sites and organisations based in Aussie that you might use to widen your circle of contacts?  Then of course the other possible solution is to find a 'nice' lady that could be GENTLY converted to fit in and enjoy your life style.

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Don't want to make you feel hopeless.. Thought I would bring some nudist sunshine into your day! Now how is that for beginners luck? Lets go to Vegas.. see what luck you and I can strike together.... Except you get to pay for the trip.. 1 bedroom is fine providing you know which hotels have the best layout areas, and you buy my cocktails and "Bola Valpoliceela" red wine... Your a nice looking man.... You see dreams do come true, you just have to be patient.. Which is why males are so testy about about these sort of things.. Your just not trying hard enough!!!.. They want everything done in a flying minute.. Doesn't work that way.. That's why I remain single, because men think of three things other then thinking about what they want first.. the other two, they never know when to throw the trash out, and there not into knowing how to treat a woman the way women want to feel.. remember the female species is very emotionally sensitive. We do require attention. last but not least the fact remains, there are truelly not a lot of women(nudists) to cater to this site.. Got to go.. Hope I have made your day.. Stop complaining and wining.. There are far worst things in life to complain about..  Stay in touch!


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Male - Female members, it seems that the majority of members are males with different interests and objectives. What you have to take into account if you are a female you will get lots of approaches from SOME males that  think that the think a photo of their penis will get the ladies running to them. These males are known as 'Penis Brains'  The wish list for many males seems to include many things that are just not available in just one person.

An easier approach in view of the shortage of ladies MIGHT be to get a 'textile lady' with whom you have and share other interests, then gently convert her to naturisum (In English Speak)Perhaps if you look at the age spread of males and even the 'discreet' pictures of 'say' the 40 - 50 year old males you will see that for a lot of them ' Time has not been kind to them. Maybe ladies age better? 

Wonders will never cease BUT, back in July 2006, I actualy met my lady here on N.F. It took just 6 months of commuting 205 miles each way to Newport Gwent and Norfolk before she came to live with me. It took a lot of time, effort and expense to make it happen. I was certainly no gift to the fairer sex, but apparently Susan thought I had something going for me.

The M - F split is much the same on all the Naturist sites we know about, including those based in the U.K.

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This is the sad part of the game of nudism "demora47". Very few women! With a few buddies, we figured that from what we sampled on a large safe nude beach within the city-limits of a large liberal community, that the statistics population is about 25 to 1, men/women, with those rare women being either with a man, or being escorted or with a chaperone. As a result of this statistical finding, we concluded that most single women who seek a husband do not show-up here because they are still very careful to chose a profitable arrangement, and since on a nude beach, a billionaire cannot flaunt more than a poor surfer, those said women do not want to waste their time on a nude beach. This is a cold reality number one.

The second cold reality is ancestral fear of compromise, or worst: rape; combined with the ever present insecurity of women: "I am too fat" or "my breasts are hanging", "other women are younger; better tanned; better this; better that... etc".

So demora47, just keep enjoying what you do, do not despair. You are a good looking guy standing on a beautiful Australian beach. Women have noticed you, do not worry. The odds are in their favor, they know it well, but also most women are not cruel, they just take their time. They are cautious. As for the reading of the nudist blogs, the odds are the same since the game is about the topic of living nude.

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