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i check in most days........

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Members Only see whats going on... and the answer is usually ....nothing!!!! does anyone else think this site needs dragging into the 21st century??? theres no live chat ....unless you pay them a fortune... theres no web-cam facility... no instant messaging... no photo albums..... everything you say takes an age to appear... come on nudist friends...get up to date!!!!!!!!!

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I haven't had too many problems here. Everything I type in comes right up. Even the pictures I post are up right away. I chat other places...this is fun for what it is.

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We have a look most days as well, sadly the site seems to have gone into almost 'sleep mode' since we joined back in in July 2006. We wonder if it is fair to rate a site by the number bloggs or comments per month. Still as they say about many things, there are other places that are similar and perhaps much better and some worst. If we keep having a look, one day, things might suddenly get better - we live in hope. As for sending someone a 'Crush' message. what ever use is that? Brian and Susan, East Anglia, UK

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