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East Texas hotspots

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being from the North Texas-East Texas- North Louisiana area most of my adult life, it seems there are often camps or places popping up in the Chandler/Tyler/Longview area. Especially most recently the revival of a drivein theatre in Chandler/Tyler. Are there any real places still in East Texas to visit? The last nudist resort I knew of was Ponderosa Ranch in Wills Point, but it was basically a wood fence facing the roadway and a couple of trailers.
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NaturistArky I understand the feeling. Love the Arkansas hills and mountains, especially in Hot Springs. Some of my most memorable times to hang out naked growing up were at the Arlington Hotel, where they have hot tubbing at night.. and other adventures..
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Hi,,The closest to you , that I know of,is Bluebonnet, near Decatur,,nice place.  I live near Hot Springs,Arkansas,,and I am adding onto my place,making it nudist friendly, and will be wlecoming guests or fun in the sun, in a few months from now.

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It is sad to say that Naturists/Nudists are not the most commercial of 'products'. Something to do with Short Arms and No Pockets. Here in the UK and in Europe, some Naturist Venues have been lost as they were not financially viable, especially as the recession bites. B & S