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Necessary or unnecessary surgeries

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Has occurred to me more recently about friends who are largely endowed (not My ex had a friend who was very large and had reduction surgery. However, a friend has very large and uncomfortable breasts --54EE. Should or would these women seek reduction? or simply abstain from being naturists/nudists?

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Of course Fellas can have operations to reduce the size of their Moobs (Man boobs). There are even treatments for Fella's whose chest has slipped southwards. One Statistic in a National Newspaper last week said:- In the U.K last year over 8,000 males had their Man Boobs reduced in size.

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Nice to hear that 'The Blacklist' is back in the dating game. The question is, Would you give up Nudisum/Naturisum if the 'Right Lady' came along. Or would it be something that you would do by yourself or with Nudist friends. I was lucky in that my lady came 'Ready Converted' to being a Naturist. Good luck in finding the 'Right Lady' regardless of her size. B & S

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Bounching breasts can be quite dangerous, both to the owner and those nearby. The same applies to bounching bellies - both Male and Female. We think the time comes to cover-up except perhaps in private maybe is when, you can not see to tie your shoe laces. We are not quite there yet. B & S, East Anglia UK.

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