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Texas Hill Country

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As much as I love the hill country, and the lights out west around Marfa ( they say UFO's ).. I love the mountains.. Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico, the Ozarks, Wichita Mountains, Great Smokey's. Does anyone have a great nudist place to go in these areas? I know growing up there was a place in the Arkansas foothills they called Albert Pike. The stoners would go there and there was always nudity of some form or fashion there..

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I have a ranch in Leakey if interested

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I have not heard about Walnut Creek, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.¿ It wouldn't surprise me if it did exist, however.¿ Like I said, there are a lot of remote areas up here, and it's entirely possible that a Walnut Creek may exist.¿ But, when they do, it's usually kept kind of quiet, since nobody wants to offend anyone else, and worse, give the police a reason to visit.

I live about 200 miles north of Springs, and am not that familiar with the area.¿ There are a few people here on NFF that live in that area that may have heard of Walnut Creek.¿ You may want to look them up Perhaps they can help.


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They were putting in a series of "float camps" along the river outside of Hot Springs ... I think part of it was called "Walnut Creek" and these were set up for flat boats and canoes or tubing where there was no access by car or truck, just a campground with a series of portajohns or maybe a shower.. do you know if these still exist or if they ruined them too by converting them into public access.. if not I would think these would be a great series of places to hang out.. literally :-)

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Sweet Peach is correct in that there are no legal places to be nude in AR because there is a state law that prohibits nudity.¿ Thus, no camps, resorts etc.

There used to be several places where people would gather for nude sunbathing along rivers and streams, but most of those have pretty much faded away.¿ Now, people who want nude sunbathing simply find a remote spot along a stream or river and strip down and enjoy the day.¿ There is a lot of remote areas up here and finding such a spot is really not that hard at all.¿ And if some hikers wander by, they typically don't care, and may even join you in some skinnydipping.

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Albert Pike?? Must be near the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs area. The Ozarks are beautiful! I love Eureka Springs the best! But there is no place in Arkansas to legally be nude outside. I've heard of a few out of the way swimming holes tho.

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