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I haven't posted hereon in awhile, simply because I have been "shelled" with come-ons from gay men (in whom I am not at all interested).

I specifically stated in my profile that I am only interested in women, yet this website seems to disregard that preference choice as they see fit. (Which irritates me quite a bit, seeing as this is a "pay-to-join" website. Not that I have anything against gay men, it's just that I am not at all interested in them, or their choices - I wish this website would actually implement my choices and selections.)

Other than the above ... The students now have graduated, or gone home for the summer at the college where I work, and I am looking forward to a low-key series of months at work. I wish I could find a comely lady who would enjoy being nude in the sunshine at a resort or beach with me on my days off, but perhaps this might never happen, I know.

For the moment, I shall just enjoy my weekend nude at home ...

If you're a lady who doesn't have a problem with being nude in the company of an "older guy", please do let me know. Yes, I DO enjoy viewing pictures of beautiful young ladies, but I also know that life takes its toll on all of us - I know that I'm not as attractive as I used to be (in my own mind, perhaps), but such is life.

Over to any lady viewers of this post who may choose to comment ...

Respectfully, Jeph



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Posted on May 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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I see what you are on about as 90% of the people who has looked at my profile are men, and I am not interested in them full stop.

Posted on Jun 06, 2013 at 05:48 AM Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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A depressing number of the members here, notably more of the free ones, are obviously here to cruise (based on their selected profile pics).  Some are even bold enough to state it in thir prItself itself.


Since they're focused on the wrong thing (cough), they probably dont even bbother reading the profile, let alone the "match" tab.  Maybe they can't read when the blood flow is rerouted?



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