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Why does it feel so great to be naked?

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I absolutely LOVE being naked outdoors in the sun, as I'm sure most of you do.  It feels so good, but it's difficult to put into words the feeling when you shed the last bit of clothing and you're standing there exposed to the sun and wind.  It's a total high, but how else to describe it?  I love the feel of the sun and wind, of course, but water and leaves and anything that touches my bare skin gives me chills.  I want nothing else but to stay nude forever just soaking up all the sensations my body is feeling.  It's hard not to get aroused by all the stimulation, and getting aroused also feels great and natural.

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A lot of nudists won't openly admit it...but I think letting it "all hang out" is a big part of what maked the nudist experience what it is.  Otherwise we'd be just as happy wearing a bathing suit.


When I first undress at the beach or resort there is a big "aaaaah" as I take off my pants and feel my penis dangling naturally and unconstricted.  As I then walk around and feel my penis moving and swinging naturally there is that same good feeling.  Sure, being completely naked and feeling the sun and wind on my entire body is great; but the feeling of my genitals being "free" is the icing on the cake.


My wife has described the same feelings. Whether swimming in the pool and feeling her breasts, unconstrained by a top, floating naturally in the water.   Or the sensual feeling of her vagina uncovered, relaxed, and getting grazed by the wind or the sun.


These sensual feeling are part of the nudist expereince.  We should recognize and embrace them.

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It is because God created us to be a part of his creation, and to exist naturally within it. When God created Adam and Eve, they were"Naked and unashamed". It was because they belonged fully to the Garden where they were protected by the Glory of the Lord.

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It feels so good because that is the way you were INTENDED to be. Not all covered up with cloth. If people were meant to be nude, they would have been born that way. Who was ever born fully dressed anyway?

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Indoors our out. Just love it. Much better with other people who feel the same.

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