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Weekend at nude retreat

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Went to spend a couple of days at a local clothing optional retreat.  Quiet and out of the way with rooms open to the outdoors and a great little private beach and pool.  Clothing is optional but most guests seemed to prefer being nude only at the pool.  I was nude the entire time and it was great and of course no one seemed to mind.  Bedroom "walls" were only mosquito netting with a view of the ocean.  Met some cool guys, all easygoing.  Only one surprise after two days and a couple of beers, a new buddy out of the blue and mid-conversation leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and began doing amazing things with his tongue until I came.  Then the conversation resumed right where it left off.  We met the next day down at the beach and same thing.  No warning or intimation of anything sexual, just a spontaneous hand job, and then as if nothing happened we went back to talking and got some lunch later.  Is this normal?  I mean I enjoyed it of course, but it was a little confusing. 

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@ChicagoNudist  Thanks that makes a lot of sense! 

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Where is this resort???  Just kidding.


First of all, I have come to understand that what's normal to one person may not seem normal to another, so I'm not sure that anyone can answer your question.  Second, it sounds to me like your friend was simply feeling sexual around you.  While some people equate sexuality with romance, there are many people who do not.  For them, sexuality can be romantically linked, but it can also be something that just occurs in the moment.  It may just mean, "I'm having a good time getting to know you, and I feel like being sexual" - and nothing more than that.  I might suggest that you give some thought to what is most comfortable for you - whether you prefer romance with sexuality, or whether you're ok with a more casual approach toward sex.  I hope this helps.

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Mmmm.  Wish you had been there @satopper! I'll be thinking of you when I go to the beach!

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I don't know if it's normal at that location, but if I saw your nude body at a nudist retreat I am sure that I would do the same thing! 

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