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The only one nude!

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Interesting experience being at a "nude" beach, but the only one nude!  Clothed people walking by, no one bothered to take anything off.  Just me lying there naked under the sun.  People stopped to say hello and smile - I KNOW they knew it was a nude beach, but everyone just smiled at me and let me be the ONLY NAKED PERSON on the beach!  An interesting feeling.  I talked to more people, male and female, than usual.  Everyone commented on the weather, my tan.  Seemed like people were also prone to stare longer.  Some men would look about and discreetly grab their crotches through their clothes while staring at me.  I just smiled back.  Why no one would just take off their clothes, I don't know.  Women seemed to enjoy it a lot, but generally they were polite - lots of smiles. Kind of a turn on actually . . .

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Did you ever ask any of those who chatted with you if they wanted to join you?

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It's the same aat the clothing optional beach i go to. SELDOM do you get a majority of clothes free people and it seems the more people on the beach, the more textiles there are. I suggested that the beach should be divided into 3 areas, instead of the 2 at present. Instead of a Clothing mandatory and a clothing optional, there should be a smaller clothing mandatory, a little larger clothing optional and a larger clothing prohibited area.

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Where was this?

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Sounds like an interesting situation

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