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Posted on Dec 17, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Day three was another day of early morning yard work, but not as bad.  Around ten oʻclock I decided to take a break and check out the beach which was right beyond the end of Bobbyʻs property.  I grabbed a towel and walked past the row of border trees.  the beach was long, beautiful white powdery sand for what looked like a couple of miles.  No one else was on the beach.  I hung my towel up on a tree and decided to walk nude as far as I could and explore.  It was a beautiful morning.  The sun was warm and there was a cool breeze. 


I strolled down the beach for about half an hour with not a soul in sight.  In the distance I could see a fisherman arrive to setup his gear on the beach.  Time to turn around.  When I looked back, there were several fishermen who had arrived and were getting settled near the water between me and where my towel was.  They seemed preoccupied, so I could walk a ways before I decided it was best to swim back.  The water was wonderful and the fishermen waved as I passed.  I think they were glad I was not staying near their spot. 


When I reached the tree where my towel was, I was dismayed to find two women and a man talking right in front of the tree.  They took a few steps down the beach and then spread out their towels and sat down.  I would have to walk in the nude right up to them to retrieve my towel.  I decided to swim some more and not worry about my towel.  After a few minutes, I looked back at the shore and was surprised that the women were topless and one woman was slipping out of her bikini bottom and tugging at the manʻs shorts to get him to take it off.  He looked around nervously and then pulled his shorts off.  The woman next to him lying on her stomach immediately reached over and started playing with his cock.  He didn't look comfortable at first and kept glancing down the shore where the fishermen were.  This was my chance to exit the water. 


As I came up out of the water, he panicked, grabbed the womanʻs hand away and tried to cover his hard-on with his hand.  She rolled over to see me, saw that I was naked, pushed his hand aside and kept stroking him as she smiled at me.  I was hard at that point as i walked right up to them dripping wet.  The man looked slightly aroused that I was watching and fully hard.  His cock was swollen pink.  I decided to arouse him more by stroking myself as i watched.  It worked.  He started breathing harder and then brought his knees up, curled his toes and came onto his chest and stomach.  He relaxed and fell back and the woman rolled back onto her stomach. 


"That was nice!" I told him.  He let out an exhausted laugh. 


"You have a great body." He told me as I went to grab my towel off the tree.  I asked them where they were from and they said they were vacationing from Colorado and staying at a vacation rental farther down the beach.  I asked if I could join them for some sun for a bit and spread my towel a respectful distance from the other woman who apparently had been dozing the whole time.  She still had her bottom on.  She introduced herself as Gwen.  Lori and Steve were the other two.  Steve went into the water to clean up.  Gwen told me she and Lori were kind of in a relationship and that Steve was just a friend "who liked to watch".  I closed my eyes and lay back to enjoy the sun. 


In a couple of minutes I heard Steve coming back.  He came between me and Gwen and said "Did you enjoy watching me cum?" I said "Very much."  He knelt down close to me "You didn't come did you?"  "No. . ."  "Do you want to?"  I chuckled and he took that as a yes.  He used his thumb and index finger on either side of my cock and started tugging gently.  It felt great.  Gwen asked him to move so she could watch, so he moved to my other side.  She slid her hand into her bikini bottom and started to finger herself as she watched Steve stroke me.  He wasn't in a rush at all and the small motions were driving me crazy.  "Hold on" he said, walked over to his towel and came back with a bottle of tanning oil.  He drizzled some onto my cock and abdomen and started to massage my chest as he stroked me.  Gwen was breathing hard and squirming.  I began to thrust into Steve's hand and imagined I was giving it to Gwen.  I knew she was fantasizing that I was doing it to her as she started to moan loudly.  I looked right at her, thrusting with my pelvis as hard as I could.  Steven now had two hands around my cock and balls.  I whispered to Gwen that I was going to cum.  She let out a squeal and began to shudder as I shot a load of cum onto my face.  I tasted the saltiness on my lips.  The next few spasms covered my chest and stomach.  "Now we're even" Steve said as he went back to his towel.  When I woke up a little while later, the three of them were asleep soundly.

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Posted on Feb 09, 2017 at 01:54 AM

Women ruin everything! I perspnnally like being naked with other men.

K. Villa
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