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Had to touch it

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Sometimes (like yesterday) when the sun is just right and the wind and waves are mellow, and I'm covered in oil, it's really hard not to want to caress myself and feel myself get firm as I rub the oil onto my skin.  Even with others around, it's just so hard to resist.  There were only two other guys at the beach yesterday.  One was busy reading a book, and the other was getting some exercise walking up and down the beach.  


It was such a perfect day to get a dark tan, I was laying on my back with my eyes closed, but felt myself getting very hard all of a sudden.  I opened my eyes to see my cock pointed straight up at my face, red, pulsating, and swollen.  The walking guy paused to get a good look.  I thought if I just relaxed I could soften up a bit.  I did some deep breathing, and get it down a little, at least not sticking up in the air, but it didn't last.  I wanted to touch it so bad.  I rubbed more oil on my chest and stomach and thighs, trying to avoid my crotch, but that made it worse.  I was hard as a rock again.  


The walking guy had moved on, the book guy had put on shades, so I didn't know what he was looking at.  I tried to calm down, but I was too aroused.  I touched my cock with one hand and a little shock went up my spine.  I held it firm in my hand, hoping to slow the blood flow, but soon my hand was moving rhythmically, slowly at first, but getting fast as the tension was building.  I didn't want to, but damn, it was feeling so good, I just could not stop.  Book guy was not reading anymore and he was hard as well, but just watching me.  Sensing something, walking man turned back to see what was happening.  My head was back, and I was in the zone.  I came hard, squirted all over myself, cum running down my chest and stomach, my cock was heaving with each squirt, I could feel it throbbing hard in my hand.  


After I calmed down, I saw book guy reading again, and walking guy was nowhere to be seen.

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that happens to guys it is natural.

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I'm bisexual I'm not ashamed of it and I really do love your cock

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I got a hard-on just reading your story, have got any more.

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Shortly after moving here we went to a nudist beach. Settled in and noticed a few moving in and out of the dunes. Picked up a towel and went for a stretch. A few bodies laying around and quietly playing with themselves. About halfway along a gent joined me. We talked as we walked got to the end and turned to come back. As we walked he stroked himself occassionally, he was sort and stubby. I wasn't erect but hanging nicely.

We got back to the point where he had joined me and he lay down on a towel. I sat down beside him and he he began to play with himself. I began to rub my penis and noticed a couple of others edging towards us. Cocks in hand. The gent edged round and began to suck me. The others joined us and were soon unloading. It didn't take me long.


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Something similar happened to me while a naturist beach close to badmouth the North Wales. It was my first time and I done by myself or telephone walking around naked. Then I decided to have some fun with myself and go into the sand dunes. As it was my first time I didn't realise that there's a lot in the son James and they'll either gay or bisexual as a rule. I didn't see it will be have lookout and resell me going to the sand dunes and knew exactly what I was up to that seen it before. Cut a long story short and lay on my back in the sand having won the best times of my life sexually blaming myself outside in the sun even making a good grunting noise while making love to myself ticking over to see me or her me. But I was wrong about 20 m to the right of me in this engineering deliver some dress answer I can just see five men's heads watching me. I didn't know what to do my Really her swollen to its potential and I'm sat there if I guys watching me and wanking over me. But to my surprise and definite of the five-man surprise and in stark and just opened my first and put it right now my cock. And carried on and believe me I had an audience so enjoyed as I myself getting into the swing to the naturist lifestyle and being open minded. If a known to be a naturist have to get used to men. And being an open-minded man myself I didn't mind them watching me really get into got into it as a lay back on my back in the sand and lifted my legs in the air. I began to really like it the men kept bobbing up and down to the point where they start to realise with great shot surprise but they was loving it so was I that most of it turn into my first bisexual experience. I don't mind telling you this and I've got natures and to thank for it because I would never have become a bisexual guy would never been into Such a straight acting/looking guy. But on the off chance and we great pleasure and took full advantage of it I found myself with five men pulling on their cock getting off on me. It came as such a surprise when the found myself really getting into it. And I found my bisexual side suddenly coming out to make all the sudden as I stood up to give them a better view standards from a side pulling hard on my big fat juicy. I even got enough force to show them my ass in a bisexual way. Into finish it off and never done this before I found myself in the naturist open-minded way enjoying myself by sex and the first to try my body off enjoying five-man banking over me I found it to be and still one of my most definitely one of my most beautiful sexy times. I finished myself off by being a bit dirty and never done this before I shut my spur all-white slimy sticky milky man's mess all over my stomach and was the game loads proper pumps at it. Only back from the second they go my Which I wanted to show ran as I was coming it was at its biggest practice and it looked is anger list as it will ever be and I wanted them to see it is best. Then I set up or down my Was still throbbing slightly dying gasps of the left I haven't finished their best surprise like I said it has came out on me and never done this before and put my hand over the dripping man's mess and using my hand wipe up the mess. Then in the best most Harley's sexiest way I could be i licked the months that all off my hands as stated in section is out will be the whole all of it is these guys are watching me. So my first time naturism my first time new her first-time coming across man and I found that absolutely loved it and found something in me by sexuality and 11 it was their. And I look forward to going back to the naturist beach even by myself and would back into the sand dunes this time I will watch is working by and get On purpose while I'm being open minded and a naturist to be a fantasy come true if I met a bisexual couple who I could have And pussy at the same time this is through tall myself to men for the first time I hope you understand and give the reading have believe me this is being very liberating from me if anybody has any similar stories are any story they want to tell me please get back and tell me thank you

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That's a great story. It got my dick hard just reading it.

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Can appreciate

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When does your Life book comes out so we can buy it ASAP

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