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Englishhaqman -  I agree, that first time experience of an unexpected encounter with someone who strokes and sucks you on a nude beach is one to remember. I was younger than you were and at that age of course I was constantly horney. I had slipped away to spend the afternoon on the beach nude and while laying near one of the dunes a few older guys stopped to chat and to look. After an hour or so a nice older gentleman sat next to me and we started talking. He offered me a drink from his six pack cooler. As we talked he managed to compiment me on my equipment. I thanked him and told him he had a very attractive cock as well. Not much longer after we started to talk about each others genitals his hand found its way to my thigh near my balls. I was already semi erect and his touch gave me a full blown hardon. We smiled at each other and after another moment he wrapped his hand around my shaft. I still remember how great that felt. He slowly stroked me while we chatted about absolutely nothing. We were in a fairly secluded spot so I wasn't worried about being seen, although in retrospect that would have been very exciting. Eventually his lips found their way to my cock head and the sensation was blissful. I had only had my cock sucked a few times before that day and I was glad I had masturbated before leaving for the beach - I was able to enjoy him sucking me for a good while before cumming - which was massive and one of the best ejaculations I had ever had. I expected him to get up and leave once he had emptied me but he stayed. Once I had recovered my hand found his penis. It was curcumsized with a  very large cock head - very handsome. It felt amazing in my hand as I lightly and casually stroked it. He was semi erect when I started stroking him but he quickly became fully hard. His balls were big and floppy, hung very low and also were amazing in my hand. At the time I had only sucked a few of my buddies cocks - never a man of his age. But the urge was strong so I leaned over and took his cock head between my lips. He let out a moan which excited me even more as I slid my mouth down over his shaft. He leld my head with both hands and shortly after that he started cumming as he held me down on his cock. He invited me back to his room and I went. It was a wonderful introduction...  

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Once it happened to me about the same thing, I thought I was alone on the edge of a pond not far from my home. two young people arrived near me, it was so hot that they have dives naked into the water. then they are lying on my side, it was then that happened what had to happen. I had an erection and these two young people made me stroking until I had an orgasm. then they left as they had come. What a lovely day that this was for me!


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I was out one day at the nude beach with my girlfriend. Guys were strutting back / forth down / up the beach, trying not to gaze, hiding behind their sunglasses. We liked watching the guys. Some were hung nicely; others not so. Soon one of the men came up and asked my girlfriend if she had the time. (She had on one of those waterproof watches) and gave him the time. But he began to talk, and the conversation got very interesting. Finally, my GF says 'do you come out here often," and he replied matter of factly, "I just enjoy cumming at the beach," and began to slightly

stroke his very thick organ. My gf blinked, and sort of gulped, and said, (pointing to an area on the blanked), "sit down, let's talk." I kept my mouth shut, and just observed; but what was about to occur I never dreamed my GF would do. She slowly reached over to him, touched that cock, and said, "do you mind if I stroke it just a bit?"

     The guy nodded and smiled, and fortunately there was no one within 50 yards or so from us, and nobody was paying any attention, and this man grew very erect FAST! My GF was obviously excited, and took his hand and

placed it to atop her crotch, and the guy began to use his fingers very softly. She got even more excited, almost

drooling over the prospect of orgasming, and bent over and took him in her mouth. It didn't take long and the

guy burst into an energy of estacy and came. She let it drool down her chin, and it fell softly into the sand

below; then moments later, she orgasmed. Wow. She was shaking from it. The excitment caused her to be

overcome with erotic pleasure. The guy patted her on the knee, got up, said, "thanks you made my day," and

walked away. My GF expressed to me, "I've never done that before at a beach, out in public."

    To this day, she still remarks when we go to the beach, ...."I wonder if that guy will walk by again," and so I said to her, there's plenty more -- take your choice!   She smiled, and nodded. (Oh there's more, but anyway, the story goes, things do happen at the beach when you least expect it.) Gloria

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I have not had anyone just come up to me and start fondling, however the idea is intriging. The last time i went to the nude beach it started raining so there were not many people about, I sought a bit of shelter near a sign and another clothed guy come a stood near me. The conversation turned to sexual preferences and because neither of us mind which gender played with our cocks, he started fondling me. i enjoyed the feel of the rain and his hand movement. Although i had started to play with him, i enjoy being with other nude people soi started to undress him. His skin was warm, his buttocks firm and when he bent to suck me i could massage all of him way down to his cock and balls. a very enjoyable afternoon. and by the way he swallowed.

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The beach I go to is out of the way and very secluded except for a few curious hikers.  I am so used to being alone and having the entire beach to myself.  I would love to stroll the entire beach and stroke myself the whole time.  I would pick a different spot to cum each time -- marking my territory I guess.  It was on one of those days that I realized after half an hour or so that I was being watched.  A guy was standing near the bushes watching.  He was fully clothed.  My first reaction was to stop immediately, which I did and pretended like nothing happened.  Then I came to my senses and realized that I didn't care what he thought.  He was obviously not offended by it, and seemed to be enjoying it, so I lay down face up on the sand and began to pleasure myself slowly and deliberately.  I ignored him and focused on enjoying the sensations of my body.  My cock was hard and throbbing and dark red, glistening with oil in the sun.  After a few minutes I looked to see if he was still there.  He stepped out of the bushes and I could see his hard on in his shorts.  He walked towards me, pulled his cock out from his shorts and started pumping it furiously with his fist.  I slowed down my strokes and watched him intently.  He came quickly and his cum oozed out on to the sand.  He pulled up his shorts and left quickly.

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It's always interesting how a friendly chat while nude can turn into a stroking/sucking session so easily.  Yet other times it's nice to just talk.  One of the beaches I got hooked on because of the fact that a rippling muscled guy would always find me somehow and immediately take my cock in his mouth, whether I was awake, asleep, standing, sitting.  Once I had finished a long tanning session and had already covered up with some shorts to walk back to ky car. He suddenly showed up, knelt on the ground in front of me, pulled my shorts down and sucked me hard until I came.  All the time I spent getting sucked by him, I never got his name or heard him say a word.

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Always remember the first time. Although I had been nude with grand parents from age 12 I didn't find a beach until mid 20's. Like you I had dozed off. Awoke to elderly chap sitting near me. A couple of others nearby. We got chatting and he sat next to me. As we chatted he began to stroke my cock. As it grew he bent over and sucked me. Soft and gentle. I soon came. We continued talking and stroking. About half an hour later he got me to cum again.

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