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Best ways to go hairless? Posted on May 18, 2018 at 01:07 AM

Not that there's anything wrong with body hair the way nature intended, but I've noticed that a lot of people (myself included), prefer to be smooth for various reasons.  I personally use clippers instead of a razor to get my body smooth.  Used a razor once, but didn't like the stubble later.  Tried hair remover -- ouch!  Considering something permanent -- laser?  What do the other smoothies do to stay smooth?

Perfect tan=perfectionist tendencies? Posted on Dec 21, 2016 at 12:57 AM

I know personally, I cannot stand having any kind of tan lines.  I see a lot of people on this site have gorgeous all over tans.  Some people have crazy tan lines (which are also hot).  Some nudists don't care to tan at all, but just enjoy being naked.  


Is the desire to have a perfect all-over tan, uninterrupted by any lines an indication of some level of perfectionism?  I have a hunch there's a connection.

Nudist B&B Day 4 Posted on Dec 20, 2016 at 07:53 PM

Fourth day at Bobby's place was more intense yard work.  I wanted the yard to be clear since Bobby was hosting a BBQ that night.  I cleared and hauled more weeds and shrubs, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the lawn furniture.  Friends were supposed to show up at 5, but a small group had already arrived before 4, including Gwen, Lori, and Steve who came with their vacation rental owner Gretchen.  They showed up and immediately took off their clothes.  This was a nudist gathering.  


I was still in the middle of working, and since Bobby wasn't home yet, I decided to keep working and get as much done as possible.  I was sweaty and covered in grass clippings and leaves, wearing only work boots and gloves.  Bobby came home a little before 5 right after I finished setting up the chairs near the fire pit.  He came outside and told me to call it a day, and clean up for dinner.  I realized my shower was right there in the yard not far from the barbeque area.  I hoped no one would mind me taking a shower right there.  I went inside to grab a towel.  Everyone was having beers.  Gwen ad Lori said hi.  Steve shook my had very casually even after what happened yesterday, so I figured it was all cool.  I grabbed a towel and went back outside to shower in full view of everyone looking outside the picture window.  I faced away from them at first, but eventually had to turn around.  Josh was upstairs watching me.  A few others were chatting near the window while watching me shower.  I dried off and headed back inside to grab a beer.  "Nice shower show" Gretchen told me as she held up her glass.  I just chuckled, went to hang up my towel and grabbed a beer from the cooler.


Steve wasn't talking to anyone, so I went and made small talk with him.  Josh came downstairs and formally introduced himself with a big grin on his face.  I asked him how long he had been a nudist and he said ever since college when he went skinny-dipping with friends at night and the tide washed their clothes away.  They had to drive back home naked.  When they got back to their condo, they had to sneak in when no one was looking.  They were so excited and horny when they got inside, they all started playing with themselves.  He said he never forgot that night, and since then he prefers to be naked as much as possible.  He got semi-hard while he was telling me the story, and he was glad that I noticed.  I'm sure he had lots more stories to tell.


We all made our way outside and enjoyed to fire pit while Bobby and Josh grilled the dinner.  A couple arrived just as the sun was going down.  They introduced themselves as Lenna and Reef.  The locals seemed happy to see them.  They were maybe in their late 50s, trim and tanned.  Gretchen introduced her tenants and Josh introduced me since Bobby was busy cooking.  Lenna and Reef brought wine which they brought back from France.  


Dinner was wonderful.  Pleasant conversation and many interesting stories, some funny and some very erotic.  As dinner wound down, Lenna and Reef announced that they had brought along a massage table and were going to be giving tandem massages to a few lucky people.  Gretchen and Josh volunteered right away.


Reef brought out the massage table and set it up near the fire.  We all gathered around sipping wine and watching Lenna and Reef massage Gretchen, loosening up her shoulders and back, for which she uttered a few grateful moans.  We were all nude so there was no point in draping her with anything.  I was mesmerized by how smoothly the four hands moved over her body, finding the kinks and working them out.  "This is fucking awesome!"  Gretchen exclaimed as they simultaneously massaged her scalp and feet.


Josh was next, and he has a similar reaction.  They spent a lot of time on his legs, which seemed exceptionally tight.  "Come live with me, both of you!" was his reaction.


We toasted the couple giving the massage and receiving.  Then Bobby announced there would be one more massage.  Hands shot up to volunteer, but Bobby said "No, this last one is for my hard working, yard-working guest, Kalani!"  Everyone let out a drunken cheer.  I took a quick sip of wine and lay on the table face down.  "We'll loosen you up."  Lenna said "Just like Bobby asked."  


They started, working my tired shoulders and arms.  I felt them pour some warmed oil on my back which helped them work deep into my muscles.  I hadn't realized my entire body was sore from working so hard -- head to toe.  They turned me over and worked on my pecs and thighs.  They started moving higher and higher on my thighs and it was getting awfully close to my cock.  then I felt a hand brush my cock and I started to stiffen.  Another light brush of the fingers and then they both started to massage around my pelvis -- my stomach, inner thighs.  "Oh, this is a different kind of massage!"  I tried to joke with them.  Everyone laughed "He's been working so hard!  He needs to release and relax!".  Were they really going to do it?  Without a warming, Lenna's hands were stroking my cock and Reef was caressing my balls.  Everyone cheered.  I laughed and tried to bring my knees up, but Reef gently pushed them back down.  "Relax" he whispered.  He and Lenna began using their whole bodies on top of mine.  While Lenna massaged my temples, Reef slowly slid his body up and down my torso, gripping my sides.  Then he switched with Lenna who slid my cock in between her tits while she massaged my thighs.  Then Reef dedicated himself to my cock, massaging the whole length of the shaft, while Lenna played with both of my nipples.  I was getting excited.  I opened my eyes to see everyone watching intently.  Josh was stroking himself, as was Lori.  Bobby was sipping his wine and smiling.  I smiled at all of them. "This is a great party!" I managed to gasp out before I felt myself ready to cum.  I inhaled, arched my back high and started shooting loads of cum onto myself and Reef's hands.  There was a loud drunken cheer.  I saw Josh shoot a load onto the lawn.  Reef and Lenna relaxed their movements and focused on relaxing my spasming body.  They gently caressed my muscles, coaxing me to unwind.  My cock was still twitching and cum was dripping down my sides.  "Messy, messy boy!" Gretchen said as she ran her had over my chest, took a sip of wine and went to sit down.


Bobby came up to me.  "How did you like it?"  he asked.  "That was great." I replied.  "Thanks for all your hard work" he said as he patted my shoulder, pinched my nipple. "Now get cleaned up."


Lenna had gone to get me a towel.  I used the show

Nudist B&B Day 3 Posted on Dec 17, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Day three was another day of early morning yard work, but not as bad.  Around ten oʻclock I decided to take a break and check out the beach which was right beyond the end of Bobbyʻs property.  I grabbed a towel and walked past the row of border trees.  the beach was long, beautiful white powdery sand for what looked like a couple of miles.  No one else was on the beach.  I hung my towel up on a tree and decided to walk nude as far as I could and explore.  It was a beautiful morning.  The sun was warm and there was a cool breeze. 


I strolled down the beach for about half an hour with not a soul in sight.  In the distance I could see a fisherman arrive to setup his gear on the beach.  Time to turn around.  When I looked back, there were several fishermen who had arrived and were getting settled near the water between me and where my towel was.  They seemed preoccupied, so I could walk a ways before I decided it was best to swim back.  The water was wonderful and the fishermen waved as I passed.  I think they were glad I was not staying near their spot. 


When I reached the tree where my towel was, I was dismayed to find two women and a man talking right in front of the tree.  They took a few steps down the beach and then spread out their towels and sat down.  I would have to walk in the nude right up to them to retrieve my towel.  I decided to swim some more and not worry about my towel.  After a few minutes, I looked back at the shore and was surprised that the women were topless and one woman was slipping out of her bikini bottom and tugging at the manʻs shorts to get him to take it off.  He looked around nervously and then pulled his shorts off.  The woman next to him lying on her stomach immediately reached over and started playing with his cock.  He didn't look comfortable at first and kept glancing down the shore where the fishermen were.  This was my chance to exit the water. 


As I came up out of the water, he panicked, grabbed the womanʻs hand away and tried to cover his hard-on with his hand.  She rolled over to see me, saw that I was naked, pushed his hand aside and kept stroking him as she smiled at me.  I was hard at that point as i walked right up to them dripping wet.  The man looked slightly aroused that I was watching and fully hard.  His cock was swollen pink.  I decided to arouse him more by stroking myself as i watched.  It worked.  He started breathing harder and then brought his knees up, curled his toes and came onto his chest and stomach.  He relaxed and fell back and the woman rolled back onto her stomach. 


"That was nice!" I told him.  He let out an exhausted laugh. 


"You have a great body." He told me as I went to grab my towel off the tree.  I asked them where they were from and they said they were vacationing from Colorado and staying at a vacation rental farther down the beach.  I asked if I could join them for some sun for a bit and spread my towel a respectful distance from the other woman who apparently had been dozing the whole time.  She still had her bottom on.  She introduced herself as Gwen.  Lori and Steve were the other two.  Steve went into the water to clean up.  Gwen told me she and Lori were kind of in a relationship and that Steve was just a friend "who liked to watch".  I closed my eyes and lay back to enjoy the sun. 


In a couple of minutes I heard Steve coming back.  He came between me and Gwen and said "Did you enjoy watching me cum?" I said "Very much."  He knelt down close to me "You didn't come did you?"  "No. . ."  "Do you want to?"  I chuckled and he took that as a yes.  He used his thumb and index finger on either side of my cock and started tugging gently.  It felt great.  Gwen asked him to move so she could watch, so he moved to my other side.  She slid her hand into her bikini bottom and started to finger herself as she watched Steve stroke me.  He wasn't in a rush at all and the small motions were driving me crazy.  "Hold on" he said, walked over to his towel and came back with a bottle of tanning oil.  He drizzled some onto my cock and abdomen and started to massage my chest as he stroked me.  Gwen was breathing hard and squirming.  I began to thrust into Steve's hand and imagined I was giving it to Gwen.  I knew she was fantasizing that I was doing it to her as she started to moan loudly.  I looked right at her, thrusting with my pelvis as hard as I could.  Steven now had two hands around my cock and balls.  I whispered to Gwen that I was going to cum.  She let out a squeal and began to shudder as I shot a load of cum onto my face.  I tasted the saltiness on my lips.  The next few spasms covered my chest and stomach.  "Now we're even" Steve said as he went back to his towel.  When I woke up a little while later, the three of them were asleep soundly.

Nudist B&B Day 2 Posted on Nov 12, 2016 at 01:01 AM

My first full day at a nudist B&B.  My host Bobby had breakfast laid out for me upstairs in the kitchen:  toast and coffee.  He left a note with a chore list for the day -- yard work, specifically, clearing some overgrown trees and bushes from the perimeter of the yard.  He said he'd be back after running some errands.  


I dressed myself in work boots, a bandana, sunglasses and sunscreen.  The tools were in the garage.  I decided to take a chainsaw to the shrubbery.  Though about putting some clothes on, but decided to do it nude.  Not sure if nudity and serious yard work make a good combination.  I got more than a few scratches in places I wasn't used to.  The weather was warm and I was working up a sweat.  In no time I was covered in sweat and a layer of sawdust that stuck everywhere.  I cleared a 20 ft area, chopped the wood down and hauled it to the driveway.  Next task was cleaning up the coconut trees.  Dead fronds needed to be removed as well as some smaller plants had taken root high up on the trunk.  I grabbed a machete and climbed up the coconut tree trunk, straddling the trunk.  I neared the top and turned to see Bobby had returned.  He was out on his second floor patio, nude of course.  He smiled and waved and sat down on a recliner with a cigarette in his mouth and the days newspaper.  I proceeded to hack away at the brown fronds and weeds.  i was at a weird angle so it took some stretching to get all of them.  The whole time, my cock was pressed up against the tree where there was some soft, cool moss.  It started to feel good as my stretching to reach was causing some friction.  I looked back at Bobby.  He was watching me, still on the recliner, but he was slowly stroking his cock.  He moved the newspaper to block himself when he saw me.  Horny guy, I thought.


Back on the ground, I bagged and hauled everything out to the front of the house.  It was getting hot, and I was soaked in sweat and dirty.  On my last trip with a large trash bag, I saw a stranger coming up the driveway wearing only shorts and a fishing hat.  He waved, came up and introduced himself as Josh, a neighbor of Bobby's.  I asked him if he was also a nudist.  He smiled as he said yes, and offered to help with the yard work.  I told him i was already done, so he went inside to talk to Bobby.


I returned to the back of the house, I took off the boots and put them out in the sun to dry.  I turned on the outdoor shower and let the warm water run over me.  There was a bar of soap on a dish, so I soaped myself up and had to clean every inch of myself.



I heard the lower patio door open.  I turned to see Bobby coming towards me.  "Good work," he smiled "and a good workout.  You're in great shape!"  "Nah," I replied, still under the shower.  He stepped out of his flip flops knelt in front of me, the shower getting him all wet, and began to suck me as I stood there.  He was voracious, not stopping.  I closed my eyes to savor the sensations.  When I opened them, I saw Josh up on the second floor watching.  He pulled his shorts down and started stroking himself.  The feeling was wonderful:  being outside in the sun with the water running over me, Bobby's hungry mouth and tongue pleasuring me and Josh pleasuring himself while watching.  My tired legs buckled as Bobby swallowed my load.  I collapsed onto the ground.  Bobby stayed with me, never letting my cock leave his mouth.  The shower water was falling on my face, but I saw Josh aim his cock over the railing and cum out into the yard.  I don't know if Bobby came or not.  He gave my nipple a pinch before turning off the water and heading back into the house.  I lay there for a few more minutes, out of breath.

Nudist B&B Posted on Nov 11, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Saw an ad for a B&B work trade deal:  house/yard work in exchange for lodging on another island.  The homeowner also specified he was a nudist and requested the tenant be nude as well.  I was ready for a vacation, so I contacted the guy and booked a week.  His home was close to a beach where I knew I could find some secluded spots to sun nude, so it was a great deal.


The house was actually very nice.  He lived upstairs, a guest floor downstairs, which needed some cleaning.  Large yard, which was overgrown with houseplants that had turned into trees.  His name was Bobby, an older gentleman, slender and tanned.  He was nude when I arrived at the door.  He showed me to my quarters downstairs – large patio opening out to the yard, and a big picture window with a view of an outdoor shower with no enclosure.  I thought that was for showering after the beach, but Bobby told me that was the guest shower as there was no shower inside.  He said there were no neighbors nearby so I didn’t have to worry.  I could even sunbathe in the nude in the yard any time. 


Just the thought of that made me excited and I was ready to get naked.  I asked Bobby if it was okay, and he said of course.  I took off my clothes and stepped out into the yard.  There was a beautiful view of the ocean, and only bushes visible.  As Bobby came out to join me, my cock was starting to stiffen.  Bobby noticed and smiled.  “Like it?” he asked.  “This is just beautiful.” I replied.  “You have a beautiful cock.” he said as he started to play with himself.  I was fully erect, and enjoying watching him.  I started to stroke myself as well, there in his backyard.  I didn’t know if he just wanted to cum or not, but he seemed very relaxed and wasn’t slowing down.  His cock was thick and throbbing pink.  He watched me the entire time.  I started to pay more attention to my cock.  The sun felt great.  He started stroking faster and breathing harder.  His muscles tensed and he shot out four huge loads of cum onto the grass.  “That was awesome,” I told him.  “This is going to be a fun week.”  And it was!

Just relax! Posted on Jun 01, 2016 at 02:18 AM

I was at my usual spot - beautiful day, and I was oiled up and getting nice and brown.  I heard someone clear their throat so I sat up and saw another nude guy not far from me enjoying the sun.  I smiled and waved to let him know I was cool with him being there, then went back to sunning and dozing.  I opened my eyes some minutes later to find him stroking his cock slowly while enjoying the view of the ocean.  It was a very serene sight as he seemed very peaceful and relaxed.  He sensed me looking and immediately dropped his stroking hand.  I gave him the thumbs up and told him it was okay, but he was too embarassed to continue and covered himself and started getting ready to leave.  I felt terrible that I had interrupted something that I definitely have enjoyed regularly: enjoying my nude body in the outdoors, especially on a warm sunny day.  I know everyone reading this can understand.  It just feels great.  Anyway, to kind of ease his mind and encourage him to continue and not be ashamed, I started to play with myself in the same way he was -- slow and methodical, feeling every stroke, looking right at him.  He paused and then dropped his towel and started stroking himself again.  I relaxed my body and slowed my breathing, taking in the nature around me.  He relaxed as well, and seemed to be enjoying having company, but he didnʻt want to cum, it seemed.  He would get so close - cock rock hard and throbbing -- and then he would look around nervously.  I donʻt know what he was looking for, as there was absolutely no one on the beach that day.  I decided to encourage him to release.  I stroked a little faster and groaned a little so he would notice.  I took a deep breath and came hard all over my chest and stomach.  He caught his breath and followed suit.  I lay back and enjoyed the afterglow and the cum drizzling down my body in the warm sun.  When I opened my eyes again, he was gone.

Had to touch it Posted on Apr 13, 2015 at 08:58 PM

Sometimes (like yesterday) when the sun is just right and the wind and waves are mellow, and I'm covered in oil, it's really hard not to want to caress myself and feel myself get firm as I rub the oil onto my skin.  Even with others around, it's just so hard to resist.  There were only two other guys at the beach yesterday.  One was busy reading a book, and the other was getting some exercise walking up and down the beach.  


It was such a perfect day to get a dark tan, I was laying on my back with my eyes closed, but felt myself getting very hard all of a sudden.  I opened my eyes to see my cock pointed straight up at my face, red, pulsating, and swollen.  The walking guy paused to get a good look.  I thought if I just relaxed I could soften up a bit.  I did some deep breathing, and get it down a little, at least not sticking up in the air, but it didn't last.  I wanted to touch it so bad.  I rubbed more oil on my chest and stomach and thighs, trying to avoid my crotch, but that made it worse.  I was hard as a rock again.  


The walking guy had moved on, the book guy had put on shades, so I didn't know what he was looking at.  I tried to calm down, but I was too aroused.  I touched my cock with one hand and a little shock went up my spine.  I held it firm in my hand, hoping to slow the blood flow, but soon my hand was moving rhythmically, slowly at first, but getting fast as the tension was building.  I didn't want to, but damn, it was feeling so good, I just could not stop.  Book guy was not reading anymore and he was hard as well, but just watching me.  Sensing something, walking man turned back to see what was happening.  My head was back, and I was in the zone.  I came hard, squirted all over myself, cum running down my chest and stomach, my cock was heaving with each squirt, I could feel it throbbing hard in my hand.  


After I calmed down, I saw book guy reading again, and walking guy was nowhere to be seen.

Why does it feel so great to be naked? Posted on Apr 08, 2015 at 01:28 AM

I absolutely LOVE being naked outdoors in the sun, as I'm sure most of you do.  It feels so good, but it's difficult to put into words the feeling when you shed the last bit of clothing and you're standing there exposed to the sun and wind.  It's a total high, but how else to describe it?  I love the feel of the sun and wind, of course, but water and leaves and anything that touches my bare skin gives me chills.  I want nothing else but to stay nude forever just soaking up all the sensations my body is feeling.  It's hard not to get aroused by all the stimulation, and getting aroused also feels great and natural.

Nude for an audience Posted on Dec 13, 2014 at 10:33 PM

Was at a favorite nude sunbathing spot today.  Had four or five guys observing rather closely.  None were nude.  They would walk by slowly and start groping themselves while they stared at me lying there.  I tried making conversation but they were more interested in what they were doing.  One older gentleman came and stood closeby, pulled down his shorts and started playing with himself.  I was oiled up so I decided to give him a show.  I started to stroke myself and he turned red and blew his load right away.  Then he left me alone finally!

Long naked weekend tanning. Posted on Dec 01, 2014 at 01:15 AM

Fortunate to live in a sunny climate!  Gorgeous weather all weekend.  Got to spend nearly all of ithe weekend nude at the beach getting nice and tanned and enjoying the surf and sand.  Mostly touristy crowd since the locals all went shopping.  A few tourists followed my lead and stripped down.  Most of them preferred to stay clothed and enjoy watching the rest of us lying out in the sun.  Went swimming and surprised a few snorkelers who weren't expecting to see a naked man in the water.  No one seemed to mind.  Being naked is awesome!  Found a beautiful secluded spot to spread out and enjoy some self-massage while getting full sun exposure!

Weekend at nude retreat Posted on Sep 25, 2014 at 12:34 AM

Went to spend a couple of days at a local clothing optional retreat.  Quiet and out of the way with rooms open to the outdoors and a great little private beach and pool.  Clothing is optional but most guests seemed to prefer being nude only at the pool.  I was nude the entire time and it was great and of course no one seemed to mind.  Bedroom "walls" were only mosquito netting with a view of the ocean.  Met some cool guys, all easygoing.  Only one surprise after two days and a couple of beers, a new buddy out of the blue and mid-conversation leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and began doing amazing things with his tongue until I came.  Then the conversation resumed right where it left off.  We met the next day down at the beach and same thing.  No warning or intimation of anything sexual, just a spontaneous hand job, and then as if nothing happened we went back to talking and got some lunch later.  Is this normal?  I mean I enjoyed it of course, but it was a little confusing. 

Hot nude summer days! Posted on Jul 06, 2014 at 01:39 AM

Damn, I love summer!  The sun is so hot here, you can't not take off your clothes just to feel the rays on your body.  Spent the holiday soaking up some rays and getting my cock and ass a nice dark tan.  There are so many beautiful secluded spots to sun and swim all by yourself, and some nice public places when you're feeling social.  I did a little of both.  Met some new friends most of whom were new to outdoor nudity, some old friends who know what they're doing.

Oiled up and nude in the sun Posted on Jun 16, 2014 at 05:52 AM

I for one prefer to be oiled if I am catching some rays. I like a dark tanning oil (coconut or banana oil smells great) everywhere.  The tan comes out even and my skin doesn't dry out.  Then there's the sensation of being slippery and wet and the glisten of the oil makes you look and feel great.  It also makes it nicer if someone decides to give you a helping hand!

The only one nude! Posted on Jun 06, 2014 at 12:46 AM

Interesting experience being at a "nude" beach, but the only one nude!  Clothed people walking by, no one bothered to take anything off.  Just me lying there naked under the sun.  People stopped to say hello and smile - I KNOW they knew it was a nude beach, but everyone just smiled at me and let me be the ONLY NAKED PERSON on the beach!  An interesting feeling.  I talked to more people, male and female, than usual.  Everyone commented on the weather, my tan.  Seemed like people were also prone to stare longer.  Some men would look about and discreetly grab their crotches through their clothes while staring at me.  I just smiled back.  Why no one would just take off their clothes, I don't know.  Women seemed to enjoy it a lot, but generally they were polite - lots of smiles. Kind of a turn on actually . . .

Addicted to being naked? Posted on May 30, 2014 at 03:32 PM

If I go too long without being totally naked outdoors, I feel like I'm going stir crazy and end up going to the nearest beach or park and ripping my clothes off.  Cannot go long without being nude!