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My first time nude with another man

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I have been hanging out in the nude with girls and couples for years but a few years ago I met a guy who told me he was also a nudist. He was a high school football coach and appeared to be in great physical shape. We met a few times and became comfortable with each other so I invited him to come over to my house and hang out in the nude with me at my pool.

When he arrived at my house I was already naked and I let him. He checked me over and appeared pleased. He went over to my sofa and started taking off his cloithes and wanted to hang some of them up so I showed him where he could hang them. When I did that he dropped his underwear and unvieled the most beautiful man ass I'd ever seen. Wow, he was so tight and rippling with muscles.

We were now both nude and my cock was hard and standing straight out. I grabbed us each a beer and we stepped outside. He stood on the pool skirt and was looking the pool and other things over when I walked up to him and asked if I could feel his buns. Sure he said. So I got behind him and started feeling his bun. Looking over his shoulder I saw his cock was also now hard. He had a short, fat cock but it looked magnificent.

I massged his buns in my hands for only a minute or so and then stepped closer and rubbed my cock against him. I reached around and gave his cock a few strokes and then, WHAM! I started cumming. I spurt my load all over his back and buns. I hadn't had more than several thrust rubbing against his buns to bring my cock to orgasm. My knees weakended from my orgasm but I kept my composure.

I apologized to him for my quick release and offered to make it up to him. At the point he sat on the pool side while I jumped in the water and sucked his cock into my mouth until he came.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying our nudity and occasionlly having sex with each other. We agreed to meet again one day but that's another blog post.

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Very nice. Can't wait for the next blog. :)

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Great story, would like to have been there on that beach.  ( grin )

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The first time I had gay sex was my second time at a nude beach in the early 80's. I was 18. I wanted to explore men for the first time to see if I would like it as I'm bi. I was there early in the morning and it was totally empty and not sunny. A guy probably in his 40's or 50's approached me from a blanket. He was very sexy, great body and a small but cute uncut cock when it was soft. He chatted me up for a while and spoke to me about putting adequate amounts of lotion on even on a cloudy day. He asked if he could lather me up and I let him, even my cock and balls as his hands were all over me and felt really good. I was starting to get hard and as he walked next to me as he was lathering my back, I felt his cock brush by my thigh. He was rock hard and his cock grew from cute and small to throbbing at least 7 + inches. The head of his penis was covered with a great foreskin and it stood straight out. I nervously accepted his invitation to walk the beach with him for a while and talk before it got crowded. I told him I had not been with a man and wanted to try it. He was very kind and sweet and didn't force himself on me at all, he said I could leave if I wanted to. I felt at ease with him. We walked back to a remote part of the beach where a friend of his was on a blanket.  He was very muscular with a small thick cock. After 5 minutes of talking and hugging and touching each other, the three of us had sex. I sucked cock for the first time, and took both of them in my mouth at times which was amazing to an 18 year old. I watched the more hung guy fuck his friend for about 5 minutes and then Mr. Muscles gave me a blow job and sucked me dry. They eventually spewed and we took a dip in the water, hugging and kissing. I was in another world. We got hard again a bit later and then I took turns sucking them off. I was staying in a hotel nearby and we agreed to meet the same time the next day. We all arrived and had another round of super hot sex. I got to fuck both of them. I'll never forget it and jack off to that memory often.    

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WOW!  I just came thinking about your quick release.  I wish I could have been there to have a sweet taste:)

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got so horny reading your story had to jack of

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Reading this story has made my cock to start twitching, now it is throbbing hard again.

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Reading this story has made my cock go very hard again.

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Great story,wow. I don't think anything would be wrong, as a man, the be nude with other men. A nudist is a nudist.  We are a couple who have never visited a nudis camp or had the opportunity to be nude with others. We so much want to get started being nudists with other couples and have not found that opportunity yet. It's dissappointing looking for potential nudist friends and can't find any. I guess we'll keep trying and hanging out nude alone, until then. Wish us luck. I am comfortable and she is comfortable with opposite genders. Now, to find some friends that feel the same, in our local area. 



Glen And Lucy

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From the other side.


Walk regularly in nearby woods. More often than not nude. One morning out as usual and heard a cyclist coming. Stepped off path and wlaked through trees. Cyclist passed and as i began to get back on path he turned and came back. He stopped and I apologised. He was in his 20's, fit and tanned. He apologised also, saying that he wasn't sure as to what he had seen.

I explained that I walked regularly around the area but tried to keep to the back paths. He said that he did as well so as to keep away from dogs. He kept looking at my body but didn't seem embarrassed. I suggested that we walk together and he agreed but would rather walk in the trees. i said that I had no problem with that. I asked if he would like to undress. He did blush but agreed, saying that he had never been naked with another man before. We stepped into the trees and he stripped.

He had a nice flat stomach and a tight bum with a white band around. A 6in cock curving up. As we walked we talked and he said that he was local but umeployed at the moment. That's why he had the time to cycle. We walked a way and I laid a hand on his bum. He stopped but didn't object. His cock was twitching. I moved against him and fondled his cheeks. He put the bike down and I stood behind. I put my erection between his legs and reached round to fondle his cock. There was a nice blob of pre-cum. I spread it round his head and began to stroke him. He let out a gasp and began to spurt his cum. He sat down and watched me shoot my load.

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what a great story.  I always remember the first time I saw a nudist masturbating and then I joined in and then he reached over and jerked my cock and I came so hard

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Hi .Nice story and thanks for sharing

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Although I had been nude with my grand parents as a youngster I always remember my first encounter on a nude beach with another man. I had dozed off and came too to notice an elderly gent close by. He nodded to me and I nodded back. He got up and went for a stroll. On his return he came past me and stopped. We said hello and he asked if I minded him sitting down with me. I patted the towel and he got next to me.

As we chatted I began to grow and twitch. He laid his hand on my thigh and as I didn't object he stroked my cock. I laid back and let him stroke me to a full erection. As he bent down to suck me I played with his cock. It didn't take long for me to unload. We stroked each other for a while and I went for a stroll. He was playing with himself when i got back and I sat with him and rubbed him whilst we talked. He began to suck me again and I managed to cum again.

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Glad you enjoyed it. Have you seen him again?

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wish i could find someone like you and him,very hot story

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Really hot story sounds like 2 lucky men.

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Great story


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Yes very exciting story i also wait for part two

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Great story. Can't wait for part two!

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