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Posted on Nov 29, 2005 at 01:37 AM
Hello all I'm new to the group, trying to figure out the difference between comments and posts. I have sent comments, which don't show up on the blog forum. Since no messages came back, I conclude that I must "add a post" in order to become known. Aha. Just trying to find out what I can do w/o PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. If convinced that the system works, then I'd consider paying $20/mo. for the gold. Want to cultivate nudist friends for socialization. I was accustomed to a weekly sauna evening while living in Alaska--who else but Finns would invest in a home sauna large enough for 12+ adults and a few kids, equipped w/wood stove, cold water faucet for a hose, outdoor tub or half wine casket for a dunk and a park bench to sit and contemplate the stars. We're moving to Austin within a few months, and we expect to install a large hot tub for year-round dipping. Hope my wife will accept having friends in for nudist gatherings. I'm open for pen-pals, male hiker-buds, hot-tub groups, who knows what.

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