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Posted on Sep 05, 2017 at 07:54 AM

Over the years I've tried to meet online nudists in person (male and female.)  On at least three or four occasions I tried to schedule something ; but they either changed their minds, chickened out on me, or just couldn't find the time.  Maybe they feared my profile was fake and I was actually some kind of weirdo.  It was actually quite frustrating as I was hoping these people understood my intentions were strictly non-sexual nudity.


But sometimes it works.  I once met a nudist online (another chatroom.)  We started chatting and he invited me to a nudist get-together.  I went; but without the wife "just in case" he wasn't who he pretended to be.

He turned out to be the "real deal."  He invited me to come back and bring my wife; as he would bring his GF at the next get-together and he thought it would be a good idea for them to meet.  I explained that my wife didn't really like social nudity with strangers; and he encouraged me to try as his GF was a really "cool" person. 


It took me a while to convince my wife it was all on the "up and up."  I even had her chat with him online to reassure her.  Finally she agreed to meet them.

And so they met.  My new friend and his GF were both already naked.  My wife was scared they were going to turn out to be swingers.  But when she met new our female friend the two of them just naturally "hit it off."  My shy wife even dropped her sarong for a bit while hanging out with her.  At the time it was very rare for her not cover up when socializing with nudists.

And so we subsequently decided to meet up at a resort we'd ever been before.  We got there ahead of them; I went nude while my wife decided to keep her darned sarong on.  And then something unexpected happen.  As I saw our new friends arriving and walking into the pool area, already naked: my wife jumped up, tossed off her sarong and stood up, in the middle of the pool area, completely naked!  We motionned to them, exchanged hugs; and we pretty much the rest of the day hanging out naked.  My wife was now comfortable being completely naked around them.


After that we became really good friends.  We'd visit each other, and spend most of the time naked.  Our female nudist friend's confidence with her nudity rubbed off on my wife.  I think our friendship helped my wife get over her hang-ups about being naked around other people.


So I think it is challenging to meet online nudists in person.  But when it works out it can be a truly wonderful think; and well worth the effort.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2017 at 04:45 AM

There used to be a site around 2007-2010. I met a lot of cool people on that site. It went away, and since then I have found it difficult to get people to meet. I feel like there is a maze of chats, photo exchanges and tests, and maybe it will work. Not sure what the hold up is. Ever since a friend introduced me to naturism, I have been in love with the life philosophy. I just wish more people were open enough to meet in person. 

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Posted on Sep 07, 2017 at 01:23 AM

Usually live encounters make people more confident, with females especially seeing other females being at ease with nudity is a key issue if they have any scruples about social nudity.

We have a practice to invite newbies to our sauna, and as in company usually more females than males, it seems to be easier for the females than males to enjoy the nudity in a natural manner. 

Of course all that is easier in a nude event or in a resort, where it is at once seen who is what, but online issue is rather big deal, as well as first time nudity in private setting. Even I am rather reluctant to agree to meet online acquaintances IRL very soon unless it is a nude event/gathering or a meet up in a resort. To my home I invite almost exclusively people whom I already know quite well, at least online and phone, if not IRL.

With swingers there is no problem, as most seem to be civilized people and if there is no hit, there is not hit and that's it. Of course swingers who also are used to normal naturist/nudist environment and code of conduct are more secure option to make friends with than those who combine social nudity exclusively with sexual interaction.

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Posted on Sep 06, 2017 at 07:02 AM

Hell that is normal with most people. Many hide behind the screen and are pic seekers.

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