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A lazy 2013 ... or not ;)

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Almost 6 months without a blog certainly qualify as lazy :p Fact is, many things happened that requires my attention. First and foremost is of course the closing down of Yahoo! blog service, which makes me busy finding another suitable host. NF blog space is fine, it is just not my "primary" choice because it lacks functionality found in most full blown blog spaces.


As we all know, there aren't many blog servers tolerate nudist blog and images. This time, I'd like to find a proper host comfortable not only in nudist blog but also full frontal nude photos. That's why the silence because I had been testing out some options and hopefully will settle down within the year. Then I'll need to re-print my name cards and contact all my nudist friends worldwide ... tonnes of work ahead :(


On the brighter side, apart from regular dinner gathering, I also teamed up with a group of local nudists earlier in September and enjoyed a relaxing nude cruise day. Lots of water and sun and sunburn :D LOL

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I am please to say my blog is now almost ready, except for the "comment" part. I just can't get that CAPTCHA code working :( If you are interested, you can read it at

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Do you have that log ready to go? I would love to see and read it. Confirmed nudist here and love to see/read about others.

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