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  • My blog I'm enjoying myself I find that don't feel like you are a perfect females naked beautiful horny and sexy and Men I supposed to enjoy their bodies naked I have found that I really can being myself I have found two beautiful 122 and 127 extremely very fit naturists females they have both been brought in the naturist family so they enjoy their nudity and they be naked are there lies I enjoyed how beautiful it is to find females who I can talk about my sexuality what I'm into an ...

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first time naturist Posted on Aug 12, 2017 at 10:01 AM

Hi to everyone that too sure what to say I am a naturist I consider myself and I original nature Sam not just looking for sex I particularly would like to find a female nature she's bisexual in the UK local to me in the northwest looking to getting to the sexual side but I'm ok with people who just enjoy giving you that I haven't had much experience living naked ones I need to speech in North Wales hopefully going to local next Christmas art this Sunday so we'll have a tree stories and probably more pictures of myself to show I'm here I found it a beautiful how you feeling and it turns me on to be naked in front of a female name is nakedfun enjoy females opinion about what I just said get back to me love a chance love to show pictures of myself naked