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Right or Wrong?

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Am I Wrong or Right in saying that I feel like a piece of Meat? Everytime I feel like I have a Male nudist friend, the first thing he says is Can we Cam? I want to see you Naked. I hope I am wrong? Just from a female point of view, I feel like a chuck steak! They just have to see my body? What about my brain, my thoughts, my hobbies, my occupation? Something other than my breasts and front and rear. Would like some opinions. Its just happened to many times for my liking. Anyone else feel like this? Females of course. I am a nudist, not shy at all. Just first thing they say.... disturbs me. Maybe it will enlighten some...thanks,

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I think that somewhere you are right, it is true that many people are just voyeurs or people wanting to show their attribute. Already should know hold a conversation some time and get to know. But there are sincere people who would like to know that they target, because often they are men who pass for women. best regards nude


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We agree before camming u two should get to know each other first before before going to the next step of camming or perhaps meeting

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You are a beautiful lady I would love to talk more I will send pics if you would like I'm younger if that's ok if you want to talk just msg back

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No your absolutely right to feel that way. Those persons are not serious only voyeurs. A serious male would never be as shallow as that. There is always time to view you but in person on mutual agreed to terms.

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You are a good looking women.  I am not that concerned with looks.  I look for 4 things in a women.

!. Have a sense of humor

2. Can carry on a conversation

3. Be intelligent

4. This is the big one, not have PMS 29 out of 28 days.

Any thing more than these 4 items is a bonus.  I am not concerned if you have a cam.



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Well you obviously gave up on all this but I'd like to state one of your big problems!  You list your age @60 and then you want guys what 35 to 50?  That would be one huge mistake!  It says you are a cougar looking for young meat.  You don't want to be treated like meat but sorry that ad makes you out to be a meat hunter.  And not everyone who wants to cam is a perv if we are all nudists here what is the big deal with that.  Now if they get all pervy on you drop em like a bad habit!  I'll bet you don't respond to a lot inquires either another "priviledge of women in online dating.  I was stunned on the more vanilla sites how many letters I'd write and get nothing not even a "not interested" auto response.  Which often made me write back a more snappy and nastier note.  It is just plain wrong to do that and rude.  Especially when you consider many of these women have ads saying they want a note not just a wink and they want communication not just stats well I've done that and they are all for the most part full of it!

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Hi naturegirl, I'm visiting in Fl. Apr.3-9th, 47 swm 6' 155lb good hearted guy, Am looking for a women/couple friend to show me around naturalist florida, looking for company so i'm not to be alone, and have to say that I would have the up most respect to you and everyone as a person, Im str8 and have been to a all male/resort, It can get nasty... I would never treat anyone that way, Looking for same.... hope we could chat soon maybe ... Thanks ... bob

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i hear what you're saying. i would like to just have a female friend i can get together with for nude activities such as the beach at robert moses, (or sandy hook close to where i live) or going to the most recent thing i went to, the nude swim in wantagh for travasuns....wish i could contact you

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I am new to being a nudist, and I am a single male. I would never dream of asking such a rude request. We all like to be naked, but this about being and making new friends. Most men that I just looked at, are not into this for the right reason, and that gives the rest of us a bad reputation, because women already expect stupid questions, and think me just are here for sex. Well, they are jerks, but please do not judge us all the same. However, there are more of them than I care to admit. What ashame. Most men have no class at all anymore. I apologize to you for our gender. There are many classy ladies, and couples, who like me just want frienship, and to enjoy being together.  Like normal people, just without clothes.  Being naked, DOES MAKE YOU A LOW LIFE, SO GUYS, QUIT ACTING LIKE THIS, OR MOVE ON TO ANOTHER SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well NAture, I feel like a big piece of meat then since I get the same questions from these guys! LOL and a grin at you!¿ It's why I do not cam-they should know what the Human form looks like I think! More Females are a bit more crafty in their "request". Be good, Steph

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I think we all feel like a piece of meat at times.¿ I remember visiting a club New Orleans a long time ago.¿ There was a place on St. Charles Avenue named the 4141 club for it's address and it was in the high rent district in NOLA.¿ This particular night, the "greeter/bouncer" stood at the door with a flashight to make sure there were no jeans or shorts, but then he gave each guy the once over with the flashlight.¿ Of course, I noticed at least 1/2 dozen females there eyeballing each of the males.¿

I know it's usually tougher for females.¿ Many of my gal pals have stopped me in mid-conversation and have said, "WOW!! You know my eyes are UP HERE!!"

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Hey... We all want to see each other naked. Sometimes I feel like caming and sometimes not. Of course we want to see you but if you are not in the mood or not ready with a new friend then don't. You shouldn't just let any and everyone view you, it is at least a little personal. If you are not comfortable with that person then don't and don't feel bad about it. Its your life choose to be freedon in your own way.

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Having worked through a fairly intrusive 'registration process' I was surprised to find many of the postings / blogs on here notable not for the poster's absence of clothing but absence of functioning brain cells. The content of some posts also utterly confounds the stated ethos of this site. It should not be necessary for anyone to 'cam', display pictures, or indeed do anything else on here to find online and real-world friends: the display of a discernible intellect, sense of humour, and an interest in naturism / the wider world that looks further than the crotch is surely all that's necessary. At least: I thought so when I signed up. Judging from so many comments even in this thread, however, I do wonder if this forum, like so many, many others, is predominantly the haunt of pre-pubescent male retards whose delusions of adequacy bring them into the virtual world in hope of finding that which the real world justifiably denies them.

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Not many people add to the blogs in here do they???

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Nature Girl I am new to nudism. I started about 2 years ago enjoying being nude. I have to do it by myself but still feel there is nothing better. I am new to this site and haven't figured out how it all works. I agree with some of the posts if a person wants to cam with someone there are 100's of sites where they can do that. I joined to learn more about what being a nudist is all about. What others do to enjoy the life style. For me right now it is just working in my yard and my garden nude. Nothing better for me. I do go to the forest and remove my clothes for a nice long walk but its always by myself. Not sure if I can email being that I am not a paid member here. But feel free to contact me if you can and I won't be asking you to cam with me. I don't own a cam so we can just talk.

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Hey there,

For me if and when the time is correct to enter the camming part of the relationship is to find out if the person is real and not a scammer. The face shot is all that is needed.



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Nature girl I agree that being a nudist is more about who you are and not what you look like.thanks Gary

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