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Nudist Dating Ladies are you serious or not

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I don't understand Women posting here looking for that special someone to have a relationship with a long lasting relationship I found out this morning that I was on here trying to find someone since 2006 we all who stuck with this Dateing site has become older and the women on here have become just as beautiful as they were back years ago The Women on here write what there Interests are what there looking for In a man and when I answer It goes as far as turning off the computer I have gone through life being as honest fair minded don't drink don't smoke never have done drugs I have no police record I am old fashion a great cook my naked body does not look that bad as any other guy on here I have become older why do women on here advertise and why do we foolish men answer there Ad and never ever get anything out of It yes we all have shyness men and women alike but Ladies Please at least answer and yes I do agree Women have to be very careful because of so much Violence against Females.

Why can't you beautiful kind sweet ladies come up to the plate and stop frustrateing Most of Us men who are looking and I mean really looking for that special someone to spend life and great times with why do you women advertise for a man when you really don't mean what you say or your just wanting to be noticed I am very serious about what I want and get so sad when I answer the perfect womens AD and spend all that time writeing an E-Mail back telling of yourself and never get the answer back that your hopeing for Why do You Lovely Ladies have to be a mystery.

Please Ladies Are you really looking for that special man or are you just playing games We men have very deep feelings even If we don't admit to It at least I sure do I try to answer and try to tell what I think a women wants to here but It seems that I say the wrong thing or the lady your writing back to Is really not Interested (When a women say's There busy that means there not really Interested) So I say stop leading Us men on and makeing fools of us.


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There are many fake and abandoned profiles here from women.  I can understand that the site survives on subscriptions mostly from males so they allow it.  You have to be careful and spot those profiles.  I have my criteria. Remember that most single women are probably being bombarded with e-mail so not everyone will respond.  I have had a few successful responses.

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Why slould this site be any different from the rest, take your money and keep you comeing back

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did you stop and think that most of the women may just work for this site so you keep paying and hopping ..

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I would like to add a "ditto" to Mystic's post.  Being new here, I don't know specifically about this site but I was frustrated with another (non-nudist) site because of the lack of reponses and, in many cases, my note was never read.  This site was free and my suspicion is that the site management NEVER deleted profiles even if they were inactive for years.

At least with this site, folks are voting to stay on the site with their dollars (which I haven't done yet).  I've done my share of waiting around for an answer that never came.  All it would have taken would be a simple "Thanks for your email but ___________".  You fill in the blank.  It can be as basic as "I'd like to concentrate on someone where I feel we'd have a better chance of a long-term relationship".  We are big boys and we can handle it.  At least we know you got and we don't happen to be your cup of tea.  Next step:  we move on.  I've written a bunch of this type of email on a regular dating site because there was something in their profile that indicated to me that we would never be a romantic match.  I've even taken the time to meet up for coffee or a drink with women where I felt the chances of success were low but you never know how their other qualities may come across so well that they may cause you to reconsider.  Some meet ups that you think will be a great match cause you to reconsider and bow out.  It works both ways but people deserve some consideration. 

I have only seen a handful of profiles where the poster took the time to narrow down the type of relationship they were on the site seeking.  However, their narrative indicates that that they aren't really interested in the full menu of choices. 

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When you tell a woman to stop making a fool of you, there is a very goodchance that you are doing that yourself.

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