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Me and my biggest pet peeves

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Ok. After coming out of a bad relationship, the one thing I am not looking for is a little wham bam thank you ma'am. Since moving here to southern Ga and getting a job, I have gotten to know some people who now I consider almost like family. I will do anything within reason for them that I can. This includes friends Nan, Mary, and Robbie- someone I have come to get along with very well. The last thing I don't need is for someone to give me a bunch of garbage over something not important. I would just assume tell those people that there is some cheese for that whine out back in the woods 6 feet under the ground. Either that, I am sure there are at least more that 1 live electrical line with their name on it. I am a simple guy who loves to do what I like and how I like it whether it is by myself or with friends. I am not picky, don't judge what others do on their free time, and really hate bad drivers. Hope to hear from people that would be friends first. Later.
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hang in there buddy, it takes a while for the creeps to go away, but they will, nudist here in Palm Coast Florida. Danny
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1 year ago
Hello, Mr. Kingsley Sounds like you need a few new friends. Same with me. ThomasR has posted a bunch of blogs, hoping to net a few comments. I just joined the blog area of this group, and don't really know the group parameters, yet. jah 2uk doesn't allow comments on his messages unless I were a PREMIUM MEMBER. I don't know whether I want to invest $20/mo. for the added privileges. Nudism is important to you, else you would not be in this group. Same with me. I have not been out there much to find places to be naked. The sun is so awful during our long summer, so outdoors is nixed, except in our own backyard pool at night. We can bear the 90 degree evening in 86 degree water. After Sept, the water drops down to 82 and now, well, forget it. If I had a Finnish sauna group, that would be the ticket. Anyplace I lived in Alaska, I could find a lively group of sauna nudists. Teachers, electricians, builders, students, drop-outs, seniors, visitors welcome. Oops, I checked your profile and learned that I don't fit your criteria. Good luck!