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nude in a "private" yard...

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Posted on Dec 14, 2005 at 12:26 AM Total posts: 3
Heres a nice nude story: its the kind of exhibitionnist adventures I used to have all the time with my girlfriend (we were both such unconscious exhibitionnists!) Once we were living in downtown Montreal and had a nice small appartment right beside a huge secretarial school. Our appartment was small but it had a huge veranda on top of the owners shed. A kind of private inside raised yard. Private, except from a few windows from the back of the neighbour school. In our private yard, we had placed a few good confortable reclining chairs. Id spend all summer days outside in the nude. My girlfriend too. In summertime the huge school building should be empty, thought we. Unfortunately, (or "fortnately" would-some say), there was a summer courses session and we were giving the spoken english teacher and written english some pretty good subjects and actions to describe and talk about. Our private nudist everyday life became what was to be described precisely everyday by some sixty young ladies studying to become attentionate secretaries. They had to observe and describe precisely everything going on even when, both certain to be in a private area, we indulged in very private activities not really acceptable in a true nudists camp...

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