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Life is all nude!

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Posted on Nov 28, 2005 at 04:43 PM Total posts: 3
Life is all nude, even though it can too often strive to dress herself in a daring attack of make believe. As far as I can remember, - an eternity or two that is -, I think I've always considered nudity to be the best way to dress myself and still remain true, at least to myself. If possible, at home for instance, I shall be fully naked most of the time. Always, whenever it can be. The same way, I will always like my guests to feel free as well and get nude too if they feel like it. But I'm not the guy that will try tu cheat a voyeur's peek on a non willing nude person! Finally, being a real exhibtionnist myself, I can understand someone who would also like to exhibe herself and for other nude exhibitionnists, specially women, I'm certainly the best public to have, since I'll always be ready to appreciate good sexy nude beauties and let it be known in a very respectfull and still energetic way. For years, I've been wearing full nudity in several public settings, using time periods out of the normal active life in towns. Like summer's very early mornings as the first light of the sun is barely up. Once, I even walked nude a complete Montreal metro station's boarding alley on a sunday morning! An other morning I was photographed nude on the base of a well known sculpture in a very busy touristic downtown area. What a trip!

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